What is the synonym for organize?

What is the synonym for organize?

Some common synonyms of organize are arrange, marshal, methodize, order, and systematize.

Is it organise or organize?

Organise and organize are different spellings of the same word. Organize is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada, and organise is more common outside North America. This extends to all the word’s derivatives, including organized/organised, organizing/organising, and organization/organisation.

Is organise British spelling?

Organise with an s are the old spellings of the word when it was founded from the Latin language but these spellings are a bit out of date today. Organise with an s is still used in British English though, and those of you writing for British audiences should use these spellings.

What are the 3 synonyms of organizing?


  • arranging,
  • arraying,
  • classifying,
  • codifying,
  • disposing,
  • drawing up,
  • laying out,
  • marshaling.

What is organized person?

An organized person is able to plan things carefully and keep things neat: She’s not a very organized person and she always arrives late at meetings. More examples. He has a lot of good qualities but being organized isn’t one of them.

What is meant by being Organised?

: to arrange one’s things or one’s affairs so they can be dealt with effectively He never knows what he has scheduled or where anything is. He needs to get organized.

Is organize British or American?

The differences in British and American spelling

apologize or apologise Apologize
organize or organise Organize
recognize or recognise Recognize

Is it organise or organize in Australia?

While American English uses ‘ize’, ‘izi’ and ‘iza’ in words like ‘organize’, ‘organizing’ and ‘organization’, Australian/British English uses ‘ise’, ‘isi’ and ‘isa’, as in ‘organise’, ‘organising’ and ‘organisation’.

What do you call a well organized person?

Definition. orderly and efficient. Such people are very organized and excellent time managers. Synonyms. methodical.

How do you stay organized?

Consider the following ways to stay organized at work:

  1. Set goals. Achievable goals can help you stay focused and productive.
  2. Track progress.
  3. Use an agenda.
  4. Create to-do lists.
  5. Practice accountability.
  6. Limit distractions.
  7. Incorporate a timer.
  8. Keep a clean environment.

How can I be well organized?

Get organized at work!

  1. Focus on what’s important. Remind yourself of your long-term goals and revise them when necessary.
  2. Make lists. Make daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists of important tasks.
  3. Manage your time well.
  4. Use calendars and planners.
  5. Delegate tasks.
  6. Manage your mail and phone calls.
  7. Reduce clutter.
  8. Stay organized.

Why is being organized important?

Organizing your daily schedule and tasks allows you to concentrate on what needs to get done that day instead of being distracted by things around you. At nighttime, you are able to prioritize sleep and rest easy knowing it’s done. As an added bonus, prioritizing enough sleep alleviates your stress.

How do you write organized in the UK?

Hence the common belief that organize = American English and organise = British English.

Is it COSY or cozy?

The Americans favour the spelling cozy, while the British prefer cosy. Both spellings are used in Canada. A well-insulated house is cozy (or cosy) all winter long.

When did Americans lose their British accent?

Most scholars have roughly located “split off” point between American and British English as the mid-18th-Century. There are some clear exceptions.

Why is it important to be organized?

However, being organized can benefit your health and help you feel happier and more relaxed. Disorganization can wreak havoc on your life. It can lead to an increased stress level and depression. Disorganization can be a physical threat as well and can be a fire hazard and cause mold and dust buildup.

How do you say I am very organized?

Short Answers

  1. “I’m a very organized person. I like to know exactly what I’m going to do for the day and the week.
  2. “I believe I’m very organized. I like to organize my work by priority and deadlines.
  3. “I think I’m quite organized.
  4. “Organization has always come easy to me.
  5. “I’m actually a very organized person.

What does being Organised mean?