What is the difference between Apporter and Emporter?

What is the difference between Apporter and Emporter?

Emporter is used when you focus on the point of departure: it means to leave a place while carrying an object or a person who cannot move. Apporter is used when you focus on the destination: it means to carry an object or a person who cannot move to a place.

What’s the difference between Amener and Apporter?

The French verbs apporter and amener are used to indicate that you are bringing someone/something with you to the place where you are now. Apporter is only for inanimate things you can carry. Amener is for people, animals, and vehicles.

What does the French verb Apporter mean?

to bring
The French verb apporter means “to bring.” It’s a regular -er verb, which means conjugating it is pretty straightforward.

How do you conjugate Apporter in French?

Conjugate the verb apporter:

  1. j’ apporte. tu apportes.
  2. il apportait. nous avons apporté
  3. Future. vous apporterez. …
  4. Conditional. ils apporteraient. …
  5. Subjonctif. …

How do you conjugate Choisir?

Choisir is a French regular ir verb meaning to choose….Choisir Conjugation: Present Tense.

je choisis
tu choisis
il/elle choisit
nous choisissons
vous choisissez

How do you conjugate Amener?

Verb conjugation of “amener” in French

  1. j’ amène. tu amènes.
  2. il amenait. nous avons amené
  3. vous amènerez.
  4. ils amèneraient.

How do you conjugate Apporter?

What does Ramener mean in English?

verb. reel in [phrasal verb] to pull (eg a fish out of the water) by winding the line to which it is attached on to a reel.

What is Finir in passé composé?

The passé composé of Finir is formed by combining the auxiliary verb avoir with the past participle fini.

Is Amener an irregular verb?

✔ amener is an irregular ER verb.

How do you conjugate Repeter?

Répéter in the Compound Past Tense This is constructed by conjugating avoir to the subject’s present tense and following it with the past participle répété. It comes together simply with j’ai répété meaning “I repeated” and nous avons répété meaning “we repeated.”

What is Finir?

[finiʀ ] Full verb table transitive verb. to finish.

How do you use Choisir?

‘Choisir’: Uses and Expressions

  1. Choisis ce que tu veux. > Take your pick.
  2. Choisis l’un ou l’autre. > Choose one or the other.
  3. Tu as choisi ton moment ! >
  4. bien / mal choisir > to choose carefully / badly.
  5. Elle a choisi de rester. >
  6. Je n’ai pas choisi.
  7. Il a toujours choisi la solution de facilité. >

Is Choisir irregular?

Choisir is a regular -ir verb.