What is the best Summoners war monster?

What is the best Summoners war monster?

Tier list of the best 2-star PvP monsters from Summoners War

  • Triton (emperor of the windy sea)
  • Leo (wind dragon knight)
  • Perna (fire phoenix)
  • Ragdoll (dark dragon knight)
  • Darion (light wanderer)
  • Colleen (Harpu fire)
  • Mav (wind penguin knight)
  • Spectra (fire griffin)

What is the easiest way to get essences SMT V?

How to Get Essences

  1. Leveling Up Demons. Leveling up demons can result in receiving that demon’s Essence.
  2. Clearing Quests.
  3. Found in Chests.
  4. Can be Purchased from Gustave.
  5. Demon’s Essence That Contains Their Skills and Affinities.

How do I get wind essence?


  1. To craft Spirit Essence of Wind, use Simple Cooking with:
  2. 1 Wind Spirit Stone Fragment. Items General Item Piece Wind Spirit Stone Fragment. You can get Wind Spirit Stone Fragment as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes: Navarn Steppe in Kamasylvia.
  3. 1 Purified Water 3,940. Purified Water. 3,650. 3,940.

What are attribute essences Summoners war?

Essences are materials used to awaken monsters. All Gold Star Monsters have an Awakened Form. Awakened monsters generally have an additional or improved skill, increased stats, a new form and a name. To awaken a monster, essences are needed.

Where can I farm essence of water?

Killing Purespring Elementals at Swamp of Sorrows is the best way to farm Essence of Water. The drop rate is only around 5-6%, but you can kill so many of these mobs in a short amount of time, that you can get around 1-2 Essence of Water every minute.

What does GZ mean in Summoners war?

GWO : Guild Wars Offense. Gz : Chat lingo, short for “gratz”, which in turn is short for “congratulations”.

How many monsters does it take to make a 6 star?

20+ monsters fully built and maxed level becomes a requirement. To some players, this sounds like a giant task but with this leveling guide, you can do it fairly quickly. Having a long roster of monsters means you will be ready for any content the game throws at you.

What activity gives the most essence of dawning?

By far the best Essence of the Dawning farm in Year 4 is the Wrathborn Hunt activity. The best of them take only three minutes or so to complete solo and award between 10-15 Essence when completed. If possible, upgrade the Hunt to Tier 2 to guarantee 15 Essence per run.

How do you grind SMT 5?

Probably the most popular method to farm EXP in SMT V is by fighting demons. The stronger the opponent, the more EXP you’ll earn. Therefore, search for different types of demons in Tokyo to fight and defeat to earn EXP and get one step closer to leveling up.

How do I get more essences in SMTV?

Demon essences in SMTV can be acquired via several ways:

  1. Exploration: Some treasure orbs contain essence when you break them.
  2. Battle: Demons have a chance of dropping their essence after fighting them.
  3. Raising demons: You have a chance of acquiring the essence of a monster after leveling it up.

How do you farm Rainbowmons?

As for Rainbowmon, you tend to get a lot if you farm Rift or Cairos dungeon a lot, often as 3-star max. If you have lots of junk 3-stars, you can use them to craft Rainbowmon to save time, but it is quite expensive to do this, so only do it if you’re in a rush or you have a lot of surplus 3-stars sitting in storage.

How do you make Water essence?

Essence of Water drops from Water Elementals and fished from Patch of Elemental Water. This item can also be crafted using Alchemy (275); taught by [Recipe: Transmute Earth to Water] or [Recipe: Transmute Undeath to Water].

Where do I get essence of Fire?

If you really want to farm this, go to Un’Goro Crater, where the volcano is with all the fire elementals. Great drop rate, along with Heart of Fire and Elemental Fire.