What is the best AR 15 lower?

What is the best AR 15 lower?

Palmetto State Armory Stealth Stripped Lower. Palmetto State Armory has come a long way in the past few years.

  • Aero Precision Stripped Lower Receiver. Aero Precision is a high-end weapons supplier and distributer.
  • Battle Arms Development AR-15 BAD556-LW.
  • Brownells Anderson AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver.
  • Who makes the best lower for an AR-15?

    Palmetto State Armory is famous for making super high-quality AR-15 parts and complete rifles at some of the lowest prices available. In fact, we chose them as the manufacturer of the best budget AR-15. As always, they come through clutch with some super affordable forged 7075-T6 aluminum AR-15 stripped lowers.

    How to build an AR-15 lower?

    Quick Section Links

  • Parts Kit. I started with a Rock River Arms parts kit and a Palmetto State Armory lower receiver.
  • Trigger Group Assembly. Trigger Group: pay close attention to the orientation of the springs on the hammer and trigger.
  • Trigger Guard Assembly. Next is the dreaded trigger guard. Though these pictures are technically out of order this won’t matter so much.
  • Magazine Catch Assembly. Magazine catch: a pretty simple component to install.
  • Bolt Catch Assembly. Bolt catch: another simple assembly. Here you need a special punch to keep from scratching your lower receiver.
  • Safety/Grip/Rear Takedown Pin/Receiver Extension Assembly. The Rear End: let’s install your safety,grip,rear takedown pin,and receiver extension.
  • Front Takedown Pin Assembly. The Front Takedown Pin: follow this tried and true method. Be careful as one slip can and will send the detent flying.
  • Buffer and Spring Assembly. Your AR 15 lower receiver is now finished! I hope you found this tutorial helpful!
  • What to look for in AR 15?

    Top Tier AR 15 Manufacturers. The companies listed above are believed to be the greatest sources for service grade AR-15s.

  • Mid-Tier AR 15 Manufacturers. These are some companies with good guns that are fine for training/range plinking purposes.
  • Budget AR-15 Manufacturers.