What is Thassos white?

What is Thassos white?

Thassos White is a pure white marble with the brilliant crystalline color of refined sugar. Taking its name from the Greek Island where it has been quarried since ancient times, it is fresh and timeless. Suitable to traditional and contemporary design projects alike, this classic offers a bright and airy aesthetic.

What is Thassos white marble?

Thassos White marble is an iconic elegant Greek stone which offers great versatility with its pure white essence. Its appearance resembles that of a diamond, as it absorbs and reflects light. This stone provides immaculate tranquility to any space.

What color is Thassos marble?

white color
Renowned for its magnificent white color and its limited availability, Thassos marble is a highly sought-after stone selection for high-end contemporary, modern, or transitional interior design projects.

What is Thassos marble tile?

A material of extraordinary purity, white Thassos marble dazzles with its own brightness. This iconic and highly sought-after stone is renowned for its magnificent white color and crystal composition.

Is Thassos marble cool?

Thassos is a Greece marble that can reflect the sun rays and remains cool in summers.

What kind of stone is Thassos?

Thassos marble
Thassos marble is among the whitest varieties of marble on earth, but cannot be quarried in its pure white form in large blocks, as fissures and colour impurities limit the dimensions of the block.

What is Thassos stone?

Thassos White is a pure white marble (Dolomite Marble), natural stone. Its crystalline, snowy and homogeneous tone crown it as one of the whitest marbles that exist. Its name is inspired by the Greek island of Thassos, the island of mermaids and natural pools.

Where is Thassos marble from?

Thassos marble tiles and a variety of Thassos snow white marble in blocks, offcuts and squared slabs of various thicknesses are produced in our marble quarry in Greece.

Is there a quartz that looks like Carrara marble?

Carrara Pental quartz wonderfully resembles natural Carrara marble. If you are searching for not only quartz that looks like Carrara, but a white quartz countertop in general, this material can be just what you are looking for.

Can you use Carrara marble in a shower?

If you are doing a modern house, your tiles should be more contemporary, such as White Carrara marble. Shower tile applications should have wall tiles, floor tiles, a shower niche, and perhaps a marble soap dish. You can use pretty much use most of the marbles and ceramic tiles in bathroom shower walls.

Is Carrara marble hard to maintain?

But it does need attention and maintenance. It’s not the hardest material and can suffer chips and dents. Frequent sealing of marble countertops will ensure that they last a lifetime.

What is the most realistic looking quartz?

Below, we’ve listed 10 of our most popular designs, most of which feature the characteristics of natural marble.

  1. Calacatta Botanica.
  2. Calacatta Clara.
  3. Calacatta Laza.
  4. Calacatta Verona.
  5. Carrara Marmi.
  6. Carrara Morro.
  7. Carrara Grigio.
  8. Cashmere Carrara.

What quartz looks most like white marble?

Caesarstone is another reputable name in the quartz countertop world, offering several viable options that look like natural stone. The strongest of their offerings if you’re looking for a countertop that resembles white marble is Calacatta Nuvo.

Can you use Clorox wipes on marble?

Bleach, vinegar and cleaning products from household names like Clorox and Lysol can all cause irreparable damage to marble countertops. These cleaners, while potentially useful in stopping the spread of disease, can take the luster away from your stone surface and cause etching — a series of dull, permanent scars.

Are marble bathrooms out of style?

White marble will never go out of style—but while we’re living through a veritable Carrara shortage, can we turn to other equally appealing stones? Whether your pick is a beautiful dark-blue marble or travertine, it’s time to let other materials shine.

Can you use vinegar on Carrara marble?

While vinegar is often recommended as a cleaning product, especially for kitchen surfaces, using vinegar on marble is a bad choice. Since vinegar is very acidic, it will furiously react with your beautiful marble and will create dull white marks (often referred to as etch marks) on your marble.