What is System 636 PVC pipe?

What is System 636 PVC pipe?

System 636 PVC gas vent, fittings, and cement must be used in an installation to ensure code compliance and maintain product warranty. Suitable for use on appliances with flue gas temperatures up to and including 65°C. Suitable for most residential installations.

What type of vent is 636?

System 636 PVC is intended for negative or positive pressure venting and is classified as a “Type BH Class II A 65°C” flue gas vent.

Can you use PVC glue on 636?

Admin. According to IPEX, Section 8(c) refers to IPEX 636 ABS, 636 PVC and 636 CPVC. IPEX states the 636 PVC cement (grey) can be used on the non 636 PVC material.

What is the maximum temperature for 636 approved PVC pipe?

System 636 PVC is listed as Type BH Class IIA venting system with a maximum temperature rating of 65ºC (149ºF). System 636 CPVC is listed as Type BH Class IIB venting system with a maximum temperature rating of 90ºC (194ºF).

Can you cut ABS pipe with a miter saw?

Although a power saw, handsaw or hacksaw can be used to cut yet-to-be installed ABS pipe, a powered miter saw makes the cleanest and straightest cut.

What is the maximum flue gas temperature for 636 PVC vent pipe?

(a) System 636 PVC venting systems are suitable for temperatures up to and including 65°C (149ºF); ULC S636 Class II A.

What is the best tool to cut ABS pipe?

ABS is normally cut by a hacksaw or other type of general-purpose saws, such as a power miter saw.

Can ABS be used for furnace exhaust?

Suitable materials for the vent and condensate pipes include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride), and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) plastic pipe, depending on the furnace’s specified exhaust gas temperature.

What type of BH vent is polypropylene?

ECCO Polypropylene Vent™ is a vent system for type BH gas venting, for use with ANSI Category II and IV gas burning appliances (condensing boilers) with a maximum flue gas temperature of 230°F (110°C).

Can you use a circular saw to cut ABS pipe?

A hacksaw can also be used to cut through the pipe when already installed, but its smaller blade makes it harder to make a straight cut. A circular saw can make the cut in both previously installed and yet-to-be installed sections of ABS, but if working in a confined space, use headphones to deaden the noise.

Why is there a shortage of ABS pipe?

The decreased production has been caused by a confluence of factors, including: COVID-19 impacting labour supply at production facilities in the U.S.; Hurricane Laura damaging a major manufacturing plant in the Lake Charles-area of Louisiana; an ongoing plant slow-down by a major producer in Mexico; and, most recently.

When did 636 Venting code?

In 2008, 636 venting became the industry standard in Ontario and became the new code, for installations of new appliances.

Can you cut ABS pipe with a multi tool?

Cutting long lengths of PVC or ABS pipe to length with a power miter saw or even a handsaw is easy and efficient. But when you need to trim plastic pipe during retrofit, remodeling or demolition situations — including under sinks, behind walls or deep in trenches — reach for an oscillating multi-tool.