What is SDP in Alcatel?

What is SDP in Alcatel?

An SDP is locally unique to a participating routers. The same SDP ID can appear on other Alcatel-Lucent routers. • An SDP uses the system IP address to identify the far-end edge router.

What is SAP Nokia?

A SAP is a local entity and only locally unique to a given device. The same SAP ID value can be used on another Nokia router. There are no default SAPs. All SAPs in subscriber services must be created. The default administrative state for a SAP at creation time is administratively enabled.

What is Epipe service?

An Epipe service is a Layer 2 point-to-point service where the customer data is encapsulated and transported across a service provider IP, MPLS, or Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) VPLS network. An Epipe service is completely transparent to the customer data and protocols.

What is Nokia VPLS?

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) as described in RFC 4905, Encapsulation methods for transport of layer 2 frames over MPLS, is a class of virtual private network service that allows the connection of multiple sites in a single bridged domain over a provider-managed IP/MPLS network.

What is a VPLS circuit?

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a way to provide Ethernet-based multipoint to multipoint communication over IP or MPLS networks. It allows geographically dispersed sites to share an Ethernet broadcast domain by connecting sites through pseudowires.

What is Vpls SAP?

VPLS uses a native Ethernet SAP or a bridged PDU encapsulated SAP on the customer-facing (access) side, which simplifies the LAN/WAN boundary and allows for rapid and flexible service provisioning. VPLS offers a balance between point-to-point pseudowire service (Epipe, Ipipe, etc.)

What is LSP Nokia?

The technology provides the capability to establish connection oriented paths, called Label Switched Paths (LSPs), over a connectionless (IP) network.

What is network Cpipe?

Cpipe Service Overview Cpipe service is the Alcatel-Lucent implementation of TDM PW VLL as defined in the IETF PWE3 working group. The 7705 SAR can support TDM circuit applications that are able to transport delay-sensitive TDM traffic over a packet network.

What is Vpws and VPLS?

VPWS functions as a point-to-point virtual private wire technology that can support almost all the link layer protocols. VPLS. The virtual private LAN service (VPLS) is an MPLS-based Ethernet point-to-multipoint (P2MP) L2VPN service provided over a public network.

What is network VPLS?

The virtual private LAN service (VPLS) is an Ethernet-based point-to-multipoint Layer 2 virtual private network (VPN) that enables you to connect geographically dispersed Ethernet local area network (LAN) sites to each other across an MPLS backbone.

What is the difference between VPLS and MPLS?

MPLS offers increased flexibility and scalability through the use of virtual private networks that automatically segregate traffic to optimise performance, while VPLS is ideal for organisations that want their in-house teams to enjoy complete control over their routing by combining LAN and WAN in a way that optimises …

Why do we need VPLS?

VPLS multihoming enables you to connect a customer site to multiple PE routers to provide redundant connectivity while preventing the formation of Layer 2 loops in the service provider network.

What is IES Alcatel?

Internet Enhanced Services (IES) IES (Internet Enhanced Services) is an Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service that provide Internet Access to the Customers. Here, from the customer view, IES is a connection point of the customers.

What is a VPLS network?

What are the two types of LSP?

There are two signaled LSP types:

  • Explicit-path LSPs — MPLS uses RSVP-TE to set up explicit path LSPs. The hops within the LSP are configured manually.
  • Constrained-path LSPs — The intermediate hops of the LSP are dynamically assigned.

What is Cspf in Nokia?

CSPF calculates the shortest path based on the constraints provided such as bandwidth, class of service, and specified hops. If fast reroute is configured, the ingress router signals the routers downstream.

What is VLL and VPLS?

VLL uses the pseudo-wire encapsulation for transporting Ethernet traffic over an MPLS tunnel across an IP/MPLS backbone. VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) is a multi-point Ethernet VPN service that leverages the underlying benefits offered by MPLS.

What is L2VPN and l3vpn?

Layer 2 VPNs virtualize the datalink layer (Layer 2) so as to make geographically remote sites look as if they were operating in the same LAN network. Layer 3 VPNs virtualize the network layer (Layer 3) so as to route your customer networks over a public infrastructure like Internet or Service provider backbone.

How is VPLS different from MPLS?

What is VPRN in Alcatel?

VPRN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Routed Network. This is a Layer 3 VPN technology and generally used Alcatel Lucent (Nokia) Routers in Service provider domain.