What is R3 zoning in Colorado?

What is R3 zoning in Colorado?

17.32. 010 Purpose. The standards of this district (R-3) are designed to retain and provide areas of high density development characterized by single- and two-family dwelling unit structures.

What is rs3 zone?

Zoning District) This zone is a residential zoning district, Residential districts.

What is R 2 zoning in Colorado?

In the R-2-A district the zone lot shall contain an additional area of two thousand (2,000) square feet for each dwelling unit in excess of the three (3) dwelling units allowed on a six thousand (6,000) square feet lot, provided, however, that in a planned building group, conforming to the provisions of section 59-120( …

What is a 1 zoning in Colorado?

(TCLUR Chapter 2, Section 2.6.1) That portion of Teller County primarily devoted to the purposes of general farming, forestry, ranching, and other such agricultural and residential uses not otherwise zoned.

What is r5 zoning in Pueblo CO?

The standards of this district (R-5) are designed to retain and provide areas of high density multiple-family dwelling unit structures with limited co-mingling of professional offices and studios.

What is c5 zoning in Colorado Springs?

C-5 (Intermediate Business); and. C-6 (General Business).

What does R3 zoning mean NSW?

Zone R3 is a zone where multi dwelling housing is appropriate and encouraged. Multi dwelling housing can take the form of townhouses or villas, but residential flat buildings are prohibited.

What is a3 zoning in Colorado?

Purpose and intent: The purpose and intent of the A-3 Transitional Agriculture Classification is to preserve and protect small farms for personal and limited agricultural production or to provide a transitional agricultural zone between more intensive agricultural use areas and residential areas.

What is r1 zoning Colorado?

The purpose of the Residential One Zone District (R-1) is to provide for non-rural, non-agricultural single-family or duplex residential uses.

Can I live on agricultural land?

Properties like churches, utilities, schools, hospitals, offices, feed stores, kennels, etc., are often allowed to inhabit agricultural land. But, if you’re buying agriculturally zoned land to build a house on, you have to be comfortable living next to farms that might raise livestock.

What zone is Pueblo Colorado?

Pueblo, Colorado is in USDA Hardiness Zones 5b and 6a.

What is Colorado Springs Dre?

Description. The development review ensures compliance with City land use regulations by conducting a review of all required building permits by means of the City’s development review enterprise in conformity with all applicable Colorado laws. Vacancies. 2 Current Vacancies.

What is d5 zoning Indianapolis?

The purposes of the D-5 zone are to promote high-density development of commercial and mixed uses in areas that had been receiving areas for transferable development rights under Chapter 17 of the 1958 Zoning Regulations.

What is the meaning of R3 land?

The various uses permitted and prohibited in Residential Use Zone-3 are as mentioned in the following table. The maximum height allowed shall be 15 M for residential and 18M for non- residential activities. Residential Zone 3 (R3): Uses Permitted and Uses Prohibited. Uses Permitted. All types of residential buildings.

What does R 3 stand for in real estate?


What does A3 mean in real estate?

Age-Restricted Home Duet
Area A2 Non-Restricted Home Area A3 Age-Restricted Home. Duet Lot. All Other Lots. All Lots. All Lots.

What does A2 mean in real estate?


What is AR zoning in Colorado?

Agricultural Residential (AR) The purpose of the AR zone is to allow low density rural residential and agricultural uses, to preserve and enhance the rural character of the outlying areas of Fruita, and discourage inappropriate or premature urban development.