What is MP quota in railway reservation?

What is MP quota in railway reservation?

Members of Parliament (MPs) are entitled to travel in First Class Air conditioned or Executive class, in any train with their spouse, in any form any place to any place over Indian Railways and one free Air conditioned two tier Railway pass for one person to accompany the MP.

Is there a VIP quota in railway?

VIP quota, Emergency Quota or “EQ” as they are called, constitutes four per cent of all reserved berths made available for the 1672 mail/express train passengers every day. Which means an estimated 50-60,000 extra berths. For trains originating from Delhi alone, the number of EQ berths is around 7,000.

Who is eligible for VIP quota?

These seats are generally kept for the railway’s high officials , ministers, media persons, mp , mla, or any one travelling in case of emergency. It is a myth that only ministers ,and gazetted officers can get seats in this quota. Even a comman man can also get a seat in this quota provided some emergency to travel.

How many quota are there in railway reservation?


S. No. Quota Description
1. GN General Quota
2. LD Ladies Quota
3. HO Head quarters/high official Quota
4. DF Defence Quota

What is DP quota in railway?

Duty Pass Quota (DP) The Duty Pass Quota is meant for the railway staff to board the train for their duties. There are a limited number of berths reserved for serving/retired railways employees in all classes that can be booked against this quota.

What is general quota?

General quota is the most common type of quota present in every train. It can be referred to as quota for common man. General Quota has the highest number of seats allocation in a train. Bookings under general quota opens 120 days in advance meaning its Advance Reservation Period (ARP) is 120 days.

What is DRM quota?

It is said that all seats are not made available for reservation either at window or by internet. This is because the DRM or railway quota is left vacant for use by railway and only after final chart preparation, the actual position becomes clear. So such seats are filled by the wait listed passengers.

What is duty pass quota railway?

Railways reservation Duty Pass Quota in Trains is meant for railways staff on duty. Details about Duty Pass Quotas in Indian Railway are the following. All those railway staffs that need to travel in trains to perform their duty have a duty pass through which they can board the trains.

Will RAC 87 get confirmed?

your ticket status is in RAC so it will get definitely confirm, but on the chart preparation you will be given berth either full berth or the berth which is shared by another passenger. so wait until the chart preparation which is 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure of train. you will get berth. happy journey.

Will RAC 78 get confirmed?

No need to be worry , It will be confirm. As cancellation charges are very nominal , if anybody cancel it 24 hours before so that most of cancellation be done one day ahead. If it is in any A/C class, very less chance to be confirmed. I would suggest you to go for Tatkal.

Is there any minister quota in railway?

According to Piyush Goyal, union railway minister, railway will be the first government department to implement 10% quota for economically weaker sections. This will also lead to providing 23,000 jobs in the coming couple of years. There’s a good news for candidates who are looking towards railways for employment.

What is SS quota in railway?

Lower Berth Quota (SS) Lower Berth quota is for male passengers of age 60 years and above and female passengers of age 45 years and above who can avail the facility to get confirmed lower berth in trains.

Will RAC 98 get confirmed?

Yes, definitely it will get confirmed. Request you to upvote if you feel it helpful. My ticket is tomorrow and it is in RAC 27.

Will RAC 83 get confirmed?

simply , you are sharing your berth with the other RAC 83 holding person. You have to check the chart before boarding. Your Ticket may get confirm before the chart prepare. TTE can allot you a confirm seat if available from further station.

What is general quota in railway?

General Quota is the most common type of quota in IRCTC train ticket booking and it has the highest number of seats allocated in a train. The booking for the same opens 120 days in advance. Tatkal Quota (TQ) The Tatkal Quota was introduced for passengers with urgent travel plans.

What is DRM quota in railway?

There is no DRM Quota in Railway Reservation. The quota is known as Headquarter (HQ) quota. Some berths are kept for reservation from HQ on recommendations from VIPs/Senior Officer in Charge of reservation for needy people who require last-minute reservation.

What is CK quota?

it means that you have book ticket in tatkal quota and it is waiting. ck stands for tatkal quota. 5210 views. opinion.

Will RAC 102 get confirmed?

That means,you shall be on 108th position to be waiting in queue for confirmation. But,due to 6 cancelled tickets ahead of you(either confirmed tickets or RAC tickets between 1 to 107),your current status is RAC 102 which means that you are currently on 102nd position to be waiting in queue for confirmation.

Will RAC 69 get confirmed?

Yes, definitely it will get confirmed. What is RAC/11GN SL?