What is Lagos state Nigeria postal code?

What is Lagos state Nigeria postal code?

Local Government Area

State Postal Code City
Lagos 101231 Lagos Island
Lagos 101232 Ojokoro
Lagos 101233 Ikeja
Lagos 101241 Victoria Island

What is Nigeria zip code 2020?

All you need do is fill in the Postal Code that is Internationally allocated to Nigeria. You can make use of 110001, 23401 or 00176. Any of these would work or at least one would work in your situation.

What is the province of Lagos?

LAGOS, the western province of Southern Nigeria, a British colony and protectorate in West Africa. The province consists of three divisions: (r) the coast region, including Lagos Island, being the former colony of Lagos; (2) small native states adjacent to the colony; and (3) the Yoruba country, farther inland.

How do I write a Nigerian postal code?

Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the country into nine regions, which make up the first digit of the code. The second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting.

What is Nigeria state code?

Currently for Nigeria, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 1 capital territory and 36 states….Current codes.

Code Subdivision name (en) Subdivision category
NG-FC Federal Capital Territory capital territory
NG-AB Abia state
NG-AD Adamawa state
NG-AK Akwa Ibom state

What county is Lagos?


Lagos Èkó
Coordinates:6.455027°N 3.384082°E
Country Nigeria
State Lagos
LGA(s) List of LGAs Island Apapa Eti-Osa Lagos Island Mainland Ajeromi-Ifelodun Lagos Mainland Surulere Suburban Agege Alimosho Ifako-Ijaiye Ikeja Kosofe Mushin Ojo Oshodi-Isolo Shomolu Amuwo-Odofin

What is Lagos capital?

Lagos, city and chief port, Lagos state, Nigeria. Until 1975 it was the capital of Lagos state, and until December 1991 it was the federal capital of Nigeria. Ikeja replaced Lagos as the state capital, and Abuja replaced Lagos as the federal capital.

What ZIP code is Nigeria 2021?

There is no general postal code for Nigeria as a country, rather postal codes are divided into regions, states and cities. The postal code for Lagos which is Nigeria’s commercial nerve is 100001 for mainland and 101001 for Island. The postal code for Nigeria’s capital, Abuja is 900001.

What district is Lagos in?

Lagos, Portugal

Country Portugal
Region Algarve
Intermunic. comm. Algarve
District Faro

Is Lagos a city or state?

Is Lagos a city or town?

Even though Lagos is still widely referred to as a city, the present-day Lagos, also known as “Metropolitan Lagos”, and officially as “Lagos Metropolitan Area” is an urban agglomeration or conurbation, consisting of 16 LGAs including Ikeja, the state capital of Lagos State.

How do you write postcode in Nigeria?

The main postal head office in each region will have a postal code ending in 0001, so Garki Main HO in Abuja has the postal code 900001, Ikeja HO in Lagos has 100001, Lokoja in Kogi has 270001 and Port Harcourt has 500001. The lowest postcode is 100001 and the highest is 982002.