What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar known for?

What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar known for?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, known for his trademark sky hook, is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the game in 1989 at age 42, no NBA player had ever scored more points, blocked more shots, won more Most Valuable Player Awards, played in more All-Star Games or logged more seasons.

What are some basketball quotes?

Basketball Quotes That Teach You How to Deal with Failure and Mistakes

  • “If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful!” –
  • “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
  • “Don’t be afraid of failure.
  • “If you quit once it becomes a habit.
  • “If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail.” –

Who is Kareem Abdul Jabbar wife?

Habiba Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar / Wife (m. 1971–1978)

What was Kareem Abdul Jabbar childhood like?

raised in the Catholic Church and attended parochial schools. In grade school he was one of only two African American students enrolled at St. Jude’s Elementary. Outside of school he spent his time with his friends, shooting baskets at a playground called the Battlegrounds at Amsterdam and 151st street.

Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the goat?

Not only was he clearly one of the best NBA players ever, he is the undisputed best college player in history and arguably the best high school player too. Considering what Jabbar accomplished at all levels of competition, I do not know how you cannot consider him the GOAT of the game of basketball.

What is the best basketball quote?

The 50 Best Basketball Quotes (In no particular order)

  • “Teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one” – Mike Krzyzewski.
  • “I have a plan of action, but the game is a game of adjustments” – Mike Krzyzewski.
  • “Those to whom defense is not important will have the best seat in the game” – Rick Majerus.

Who was Kareem’s white girlfriend?

Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hangs out in his Bel Air home with then-girlfriend Cheryl Pistono. The Hall of Fame center is celebrating his 65th birthday today.

Who is better Kareem or MJ?

MJ dominated the league in every single way, by being the best overall scorer of all-time and the best 2-way shooting guard ever. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar comes close but he gets outmatched whenever accolades are compared. No matter which accolades there is, Jordan won it. MJ has 6 Finals MVPs, Kareem has 2.

Why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest of all-time?

Since basketball games are won by the team that scores the most points, no one can argue against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because he is currently the leading scorer in NBA history, played 21 competitive years in the NBA, and had arguably the most prolific offensive scoring weapon ever created for basketball.

Who did Kareem say is the goat?

NBA greats backing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar “When I look at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s six championships, six or seven MVPs, scored the most points than anybody in the NBA, lost one game in college, lost one game in high school, and didn’t lose in grade school. To me, that’s the GOAT.”

Who scratched Kareem’s eye?

During his junior year, Alcindor suffered a scratched left cornea on January 12, 1968, in a game against Cal when he was struck by Tom Henderson in a rebound battle. He would miss the next two games against Stanford and Portland.