What is it called when you turn something into something else?

What is it called when you turn something into something else?

Some common synonyms of transform are convert, metamorphose, transfigure, transmogrify, and transmute. While all these words mean “to change a thing into a different thing,” transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function.

What is the synonym of broach?

Some common synonyms of broach are air, express, utter, vent, and voice. While all these words mean “to make known what one thinks or feels,” broach adds the implication of disclosing for the first time something long thought over or reserved for a suitable occasion. broached the subject of a divorce.

What is the synonym of pinning?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for pinning. hooking, mounting, tacking.

What is it called when you turn something to stone?

Petrifaction, or petrification, defined as turning people to stone, is a common theme in folklore and mythology, as well as in some works of modern literature.

What is a good word for transformation?

synonyms for transformation

  • conversion.
  • metamorphosis.
  • renewal.
  • revolution.
  • shift.
  • about-face.
  • alteration.
  • changeover.

What is another word for turning to?

What is another word for turn to?

consult resort to
turn address
take from look up
stoop to descend to
give in to sink to

What is the antonym of broach?

Antonyms. go skew tactlessness right disorganize.

How do you use broach in a sentence?

How to use Broach in a sentence

  1. So far, she hadn’t found a way to broach the subject with Brandon.
  2. She was reluctant to broach the subject.
  3. Sometimes it’s hard to broach a subject – especially when you’ve avoided it for a while.
  4. Finally she dragged up the courage to broach the subject.

What’s another word for pinned down?

What is another word for pin down?

restrain immobiliseUK
pin hold down
bind chain
fetter shackle
trammel tether

What immobilize means?

Definition of immobilize transitive verb. : to make immobile: such as. a : to reduce or eliminate motion of (the body or a part) by mechanical means or by strict bed rest. b : to prevent freedom of movement or effective use of the planes were immobilized by bad weather. c : to withhold (money or capital) from …

What is the synonym of petrify?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for petrify, like: frighten, calm, numb, solidify, lapidify, terrify, clarify, mineralize, startle, astonish and daze.

What petrified meaning?

1 : to convert (organic matter) into stone or a substance of stony hardness by the infiltration of water and the deposition of dissolved mineral matter. 2 : to make rigid or inert like stone: a : to make lifeless or inactive : deaden slogans are apt to petrify a man’s thinking — Saturday Rev.

What’s another word for turn into?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for turn-into, like: transform, change, alter, transmute, modify and be converted.

What are synonyms for change?


  • alteration,
  • difference,
  • modification,
  • redoing,
  • refashioning,
  • remaking,
  • remodeling,
  • revamping,

What is the synonym for twist?

turn, turn round, swivel, swivel round, skew, skew round, spin, spin round, pivot, rotate, revolve.

What is the synonym of turned?

go round, revolve, rotate, spin, go round and round, go round in circles, roll, circle, wheel, whirl, twirl, gyrate, swivel, spiral, pivot. 2’I turned and headed back the way I had come’

What does broaching mean in English?

1a : to pierce (something, such as a cask) in order to draw the contents also : to open for the first time. b : to open up or break into (a mine, stores, etc.) 2 : to shape or enlarge (a hole) with a broach (see broach entry 1 sense 2c)

Is it broach or brooch?

A brooch is a piece of jewelry held on with a pin or clasp, while broach is most often a verb meaning to introduce a new subject into a discussion. However, ‘broach’ has historically been used as a noun as well, also referring to the jewelry.

What is a broach used for?

A broaching tool (or just broach) is a cutting tool used to cut a specific shape or remove a specific area from the workpiece, many times on the internal diameter of a workpiece. The broach is commonly used in a lathe or attached to a machine powered by hydraulic pressure.

What is meaning of enmesh?

to catch or entangle
Definition of enmesh transitive verb. : to catch or entangle in or as if in meshes deeply enmeshed in the plot.