What is included on Carnival Splendor?

What is included on Carnival Splendor?

Included with your cruise fare: Access to the adults-only Serenity sun deck area. WaterWorks waterslides and Splashy Cove kids water park. Movies at the poolside Carnival Seaside Theatre. Most daily activities unless noted below.

Where is the ship Carnival Splendor now?

Carnival Splendor current location is at North America West Coast (coordinates 51.30159 N / -129.84485 W) cruising at speed of 20.5 kn (38 kph/ 24 mph) en route to KAKE PILOT. The AIS position was reported 41 minutes ago.

Was the Carnival Splendor refurbished?

Harding has unveiled its refurbished retail offer created for Carnival Splendor, Carnival Cruise Line’s largest ship for the Australian cruise market. The reimagined shopping experience, which was informed by guest surveys and focus groups with Australian cruisers, features over 200 brands, including 40 new additions.

How many passengers are on the Carnival Splendor?

Bigger than Carival Spirit (and Carnival Legend which was previously based in Australia), Splendor is 290 metres long and has capacity to carry more than 3,900 passengers. That’s 1700 more passengers than Carnival’s other locally-based ship.

What class is the Carnival Splendor?

Carnival Splendor is an outlier in the Carnival fleet — a ship that makes up a class all its own. That said, it has a lot in common with the ships of Carnival’s Conquest-class ships (see below).

Does Carnival Splendor have drink package?

The beverage package can only be purchased for the entire voyage at a rate of $59.95 USD per person, per day via Carnival’s website and $64.95 USD per person, per day if purchased once on board.

What happened Carnival Splendor?

A cruise ship stranded offshore after a fire in the engine room cut its power supply is being towed slowly into a Mexican port, but it will not arrive until at least Wednesday night, the US coastguard said today.

When was Carnival Splendor updated?

In 2019, the vessel received Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades, which include new dining options and new bars such as the RedFrog Pub, the Alchemy Bar and Guy’s Burger Joint. The Splendor also got a new Serenity Retreat, the adults-only deck area, and a host of new waterslides.

What class of ship is Carnival Splendor?

Concordia-class cruise ship
Carnival Splendor is a Concordia-class cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line. As she is the only Concordia-class ship in the Carnival fleet, she is also referred to as a Splendor-class ship….Carnival Splendor.

General characteristics
Class and type Concordia-class cruise ship
Tonnage 113,300 GT 83,320 NT 11,843 DWT

Which ship is better spirit or splendor?

If you like having a variety of places to eat, the Splendor might be a better choice. It has 15% more dining options than the Spirit. Both ships have a similar number of paid versus included dining options.

Does Carnival Splendor have an indoor pool?

The midship pool, or the Splendido pool, has a retractable roof, and Carnival Splendor boasts the only retractable roof for a pool out of all Carnival ships.

Is water free on a Carnival Cruise?

What drinks are free on Carnival cruises? Carnival Cruise Line is pretty generous with the free drinks on offer in the main dining room, buffet and room service. The free drinks include water, lemonade, fruit juice, coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, milk and chocolate milk.

How many pools are on the Carnival Splendor?

4 swimming pools
The ship has 13 passenger decks (8 with cabins), 24 lounges, and bars, 4 swimming pools, 7 Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), 14 elevators. Carnival Splendor decks with passenger cabins have a total of 52 Suites, 537 Balconies, 368 Oceanviews, 556 Inside cabins, Self Service Laundromats (passenger use launderettes).

Is Carnival Splendor Cancelled?

Carnival is cancelling planned operations of Carnival Splendor from June 10, 2022, through September 26, 2022, and of Carnival Spirit from June 5, 2022, to October 5, 2023.

When was Carnival Splendor built?

August 3, 2007Carnival Splendor / Launched

What class of ship is the Carnival Splendor?

Can I bring food on my Carnival cruise?

Can I bring my own food on a Carnival cruise ship? Carnival’s cruise fare includes plentiful snacks and food, available nearly 24/7. However, for passengers who just have to have their favorite pretzels or chips for a midafternoon snack, Carnival permits cruisers to bring onboard prepackaged, ready-to-eat snacks.

Do you eat free on Carnival cruises?

Much of the food is included in your cruise fare, with the exception of the steakhouse, Cucina del Capitano, and chef’s table that cost a little extra. You can eat as much as you want!

What is not allowed on Carnival cruise ships?

All weapons and any item made, adapted or intended for use as an offensive weapon: firearms (including replicas, imitations and their components), spears or spear guns, crossbows, crossbow bolts and long bow arrows; blunt weapons, including knuckle dusters, brass knuckles, clubs, coshes, batons, flails or Nunchaku; …

What should I wear on a 5 day cruise?

What to Pack for a Cruise

  • Bring activity-appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Formal Attire.
  • Bathing Suits and Cover Ups.
  • Don’t Forget to Bring a Sweater.
  • Bring a Back Pack or Beach Tote.
  • Bring Sunscreen and After-Sun Lotion.
  • Bring Your Own Toiletries.
  • Bring Medications for Upset Stomach and Motion Sickness.