What is high need for achievement in psychology?

What is high need for achievement in psychology?

People with high need for achievement often undertake tasks in which there is a high probability of success and avoid tasks that are either too easy (because of lack of challenge) or too difficult (because of fear of failure).

What are some common attributes of people high in need for achievement?

High-achievement motivation tends to lead to particular personality features. These include persistence, ability to delay gratification, and competitiveness: Persistence: High achievers tend to be very persistent and work hard to attain goals they set for themselves.

What do you mean by need for achievement theory?

Need achievement theory (McClelland, 1961; Atkinson, 1974) The aim of need achievement theory is to explain why certain individuals are more motivated to achieve than others. It is based on two psychological principles: the motive of an individual to achieve success and the motive of an individual to avoid failure.

What are the 6 traits associated with a high need for achievement?


  • Parents who encouraged independence in childhood.
  • Praise and rewards for success.
  • Association of achievement with positive feelings.
  • Association of achievement with one’s own competence and effort, not luck.
  • A desire to be effective or challenged.
  • Intrapersonal Strength.
  • Desirability.
  • Feasibility.

What are the dominant characteristics of high achievers?

High achievers are ambitious, goal-focused, self-disciplined individuals, who are driven by a strong personal desire to accomplish meaningful, important goals.

What is theory of high achievement?

High achievers take the moderate risks, i.e. a calculated risk while performing the activities in the management context. This is opposite to the belief that high achievers take high risk. High achievers seek to obtain the immediate feedback for the work done by them, so as to know their progress towards the goal.

Why do employees need high achievement?

Employees can develop a need for achievement when trust and autonomy are present in the work environment. Employees who know their managers trust them are more likely to meet or exceed performance goals, have higher levels of job satisfaction and encourage achievement in their coworkers.

What role does need for achievement play in your decisions?

Thus, if I have a higher need of achieving something, which means I have a greater motivation to do it, it is more likely for me to accomplish something or to be successful than the person who has lower drive or motivation.

What are the 3 most important characteristics of people who possess high achievement orientation?

Characteristics of High Achievement Motivation

  • Moderate Challenge. Individuals with high achievement motivation prefer tasks and problems that involve moderate levels of difficulty.
  • Personal Rewards.
  • Relevant Feedback.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Interpersonal Skills.

What do high achievers do differently?

Starting your day before dawn is a life choice high achievers make early on. It gives them so much extra time throughout the week and they can use the peace of the early morning to work on stuff they believe in. It also boosts their productivity, helps them kickstart the day and build discipline over time.

What is high achievement syndrome?

At an individual level, high achievers often suffer from perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and anxiety. The stress of constantly striving to reach an almost impossible goal coupled with the ever-present fear of failure can be a major source of stress.

What is high achievement motivation?

Individuals with high achievement motivation prefer tasks and problems that involve moderate levels of difficulty. Usually, these individuals gravitate toward challenging but achievable goals where their abilities and efforts can affect the outcome.

What does a supervisor need to do to motivate a high achiever?

How to manage high achievers

  1. Recruit strategically. A smart manager starts with building the right team.
  2. Clearly communicate your expectations.
  3. Don’t hold them back.
  4. Keep raising the bar.
  5. Help them achieve their personal goals.
  6. Be willing to let them go.

What personality traits are visible among high achievers?

My seven key traits of high achievers

  • #1 READY – FIRE – AIM. High achievers are action orientated.
  • #2 Visionary.
  • #3 A Laser Beam Focus.
  • #4 Discipline.
  • #5 Winning mentality.
  • #6 Lifelong Learner.
  • #7 Boomerang.

What high achievers struggle with?

What is a high achiever personality?