What is E1FW cable gland?

What is E1FW cable gland?

E1FW Globally Approved, Explosive Atmosphere Cable Gland. Metal-to-metal armour clamping. Displacement type flameproof inner seal. Controlled outer ‘load retention’ seal. Unique OSTG prevents overtightening.

What is CMP gland?

CMP designs and manufactures electrical armoured and unarmored cable glands for use in industrial & explosive atmospheres.

What does CW gland stand for?

CW Gland – Brass gland for use with steel wire armoured cables (H694-XL). Used to provide clamping of the armour wire to ensure electrical continuity and mechanical retention of the cable. The CW type gland is used for outdoor applications and where necessary to provide an IP66 seal with the outer sheath of the cable.

What is metric gland?

The metric cable glands threads (ISO) are the worldwide most commonly used type of general-purpose screw thread. The “M” designation for metric indicates the nominal diameter in millimeters. Stock of cable glands. Fast delivery all over Europe, metric thread cable glands. Order it now and save money!

What is cable gland used for?

The main functions of the Cable Gland are to act as a sealing and terminating device to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures, including the provision of: Environmental protection – by sealing on the outer cable sheath, excluding dust and moisture from the electrical or instrument enclosure.

What is m20 gland?

M20x1. 5 cable gland means the metric type thread with the dimension of the hole size is 20mm, which is around 0.787 inches size, it is designed in IP68 waterproof protection degree to ensure the cable pass-through without exposing the equipment to any damaging stuffs.

What does CW and BW stand for?

Acronym. Definition. BW/CW. Biological Warfare/Chemical Warfare.

Are CW glands waterproof?

Prysmian Bicon KA419-65 (CW90) CW brass cable glands with 90mm entry thread enable cable termination of galvanised steel single wire armoured plastic or rubber sheathed cables in indoor or outdoor applications – the CW90 cable glands are weatherproof and waterproof (IP66), suitable for 79-90.0mm cable diameters.

What is the difference between Metric and NPT?

This is a German type thread. The Main difference on this vs NPT and Metric is that the depth of the thread is smaller but has a larger flank angle, which makes it have a wider pitch along with a straight thread. These will have a 1/16 taper to the threads.

What BW means?

BW means “Beautiful Woman.”

What is PG gland size?

PG Gland. Ask Price. Material: Stainless Steel. Cable Diameter: 1.5 mm.

What does G mean in threads?

These are parallel threads (BSPP), which have a constant diameter, which are known a G threads, and taper threads (BSPT), whose diameter increases or decreases along the length of the thread, known as R threads.

What are the 4 types of glands?

There are four types of glands in the integumentary system: sudoriferous (sweat) glands, sebaceous glands, ceruminous glands, and mammary glands. These are all exocrine glands, secreting materials outside the cells and body.