What is Club Interval Gold?

What is Club Interval Gold?

Club Interval Gold (CIG) is a membership and exchange program that combines the best of traditional timeshare with the flexibility of a points-based program. As CIG members, owners can convert their resort weeks into points. Using these points, members have access to any available resort in Interval’s network.

What hotels are a part of Interval International?

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  • Beach House Seaside Resort. Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia.
  • Cedar Lake Country Resort.
  • Classic @ Drift Casuarina Beach.
  • Classic @ Towers of Chevron.
  • Classic at Alpha Sovereign Hotel.
  • Club Wyndham Kirra Beach.
  • Club at Calypso Plaza.
  • Freshwater Point Resort Broadbeach, Accor Vacation Club Apartments.

How much is Interval Gold membership?

Interval Gold is an additional $64 per year, while Interval Platinum is an additional $139 per year; both tiers come with a raft of perks. Interval also charges fees for each transaction within its exchange network, priced by the length of the trip.

How much is an interval timeshare?

Interval International – Choose from Various Membership Levels

Membership Type Cost (if paid upfront) Cost (if paid year by year)
1-Year Basic Membership Fee $89 $89
3-Year Basic Membership Fee $227 $267
5-Year Basic Membership Fee $356 $445
1-Year Basic Membership Fee + Gold Upgrade Fee $153 $153

How do you become a member of Interval International?

If you already own vacation time at a resort affiliated with Interval International, enroll in Interval’s membership program by completing the online application and returning it by fax or mail. Download membership application now.

How do getaways work with Interval International?

As an Owner, you have access to Getaways through membership with Interval International®. Getaway Weeks are discounted 7-night resort stays that you can purchase from Interval, which are available to enjoy without exchanging your vacation ownership. They’re an added benefit to being an Owner and an Interval member.

Can you join Interval International without owning a timeshare?

Can I Join II Without A Timeshare? In order to use Interval International exchange, you do have to own a timeshare. After you own a timeshare with an affiliated brand, whether weeks or points-based, you have the option to join II.

What is the difference between RCI and Interval International?

Interval International’s System has Trading Filters Another big difference between RCI and Interval International Membership is that their system has trading filters baked into their website, restricting what you see when you’re searching.

Can I join Interval International without owning a timeshare?

What is the difference between RCI and Interval?

Is interval a good timeshare?

Overall, Interval International is a great site to use to find trips. I have many friends that are not timeshare owners who are asking me how to get whole weeks at elite resorts for only $400. The key is to be able to travel during the off-season and knowing how to navigate the Interval International website.

Can I use Interval International without owning a timeshare?

Is Marriott buying Interval International?

Marriott Owns Interval International The vacation giant Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation owns Interval International. Marriott purchased Interval International in 2018.

Is Disney leaving RCI?

Disney Vacation Club is leaving RCI and joining Interval International (know as “II”) as their new exchange provider beginning January 1, 2022. External exchanges through RCI® will end December 31, 2021.

Does Marriott Own interval?

About Interval International The vacation giant Marriott International owns Interval International. This expansive company began in 1976 as a way for timeshare owners to trade their week at their home resort for a week at another.

Did Marriott buy Vistana?

Starwood spun out its timeshare business, encompassing Sheraton and Westin brands, shortly before Marriott acquired it in 2016. That standalone timeshare business, Vistana, was then sold to Interactive Leisure Group, which also owned Hyatt’s timeshare business.

Can I switch from RCI to Interval International?

If current members have confirmed RCI reservations or already have DVC points deposited into their network, no need to worry. Both of these will be honored through 2023. However, if current DVC members are looking to join an exchange network, it will be Interval International.

Is Disney part of Interval International?

As part of the World Collection, Interval International® provides Disney Vacation Club Members access to thousands of properties featuring a wide range of vacation accommodations.

Does Vistana have a buyback program?

Absolutely! This program has been in existence for years and was first announced on TUG back in 2019. Since then hundreds of Owners have discovered this info thru TUG and successfully ended their Vistana/Sheraton/Westin ownerships at zero cost to them!

How do I cancel my Vistana timeshare?

Speak to an Exit Specialist About Your Options

  1. call. 800-226-9150.
  2. Click to Email. [email protected].
  3. Explore Your Options. vistana.com/exit.