What is another word for not knowing?

What is another word for not knowing?

What is another word for not knowing?

unknowing ignorant
innocent oblivious
unaware unconscious
uninformed unwitting
clueless incognizant

What Does not that I can think of mean?

It means “There might be such a thing, but I cannot come up with it/them.” “I can’t think of anything” can be used if someone asks you to list the things (like your favorite movies). “Not that I can think of” does not work there.

What does it mean to not know about something?

unaware. adjective. not realizing that something exists or is happening.

What does the saying Tell me something I don’t know mean?

set phrase A humorous or sarcastic response to some obvious statement or information.

Was not aware meaning?

adjective. not aware or conscious; unconscious: to be unaware of any change. adverb. unawares.

What is the meaning of not known?

adjective. not known; not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar. not discovered, explored, identified, or ascertained: the unknown parts of Antarctica. not widely known; not famous; obscure: an unknown writer. noun.

What Does not that I’m aware of mean?

phrase​spoken. DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that you are almost but not completely certain of something. ‘Has anyone in your family had heart problems? ‘ ‘Not that I’m aware of.

What Does not that I recall mean?

On another forum I was informed that “not that I recall” is just another way of saying “I do not recall” with the words moved around a little.

What do you reply when someone says Tell me something I don’t know?

Because you can answer anything in return as a response to that should be something the questioner doesn’t know! You can give him a huge response like: You’re dumb, fugly, annoying….Tell them something positive:

  • Happy or,
  • Funny or,
  • some good news.

Why don’t you tell me meaning?

They are both correct but mean slightly different things. “Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong”, would usually be interpreted as the speaker asking you to tell them what’s wrong. It’s a request not a question, similar to “Why don’t you have dinner with me tonight”, is a request that you join the speaker for dinner.

Are you aware of meaning?

2 adj If you are awareof something, you realize that it is present or is happening because you hear it, see it, smell it, or feel it. v-link ADJ, ADJ of n, ADJ that (=conscious) (Antonym: unaware) She was acutely aware of the noise of the city…, Jane was suddenly aware that she was digging her nails into her thigh.

How do you use unaware in a sentence?

How to use Unaware in a sentence

  1. I was unaware you wished to see me.
  2. Cassie waited silently, knowing they were unaware of her presence.
  3. Surely they were unaware of his deceit.
  4. Once she had been unaware of his love, but now she had learned to read the signs.

How do you say does not know?

Informal ways (when talking to friends, colleagues, people we know): I’m not sure. I have no idea/I haven’t a clue/ I haven’t got the faintest idea/ I haven’t got the foggiest idea (These expressions are the most common, and are used when you have no information and you cannot guess the answer to a question)

How do I use not that I am aware of?

‘Has anyone in your family had heart problems? ‘ ‘Not that I’m aware of.

How do you say I was not aware of this?

Sentence examples similar to i not aware of this matter from inspiring English sources

  1. “I was not aware of this when I married her.
  2. I’m not aware of this.
  3. I was not aware of this rule.
  4. I am not aware of any matter which remains unanswered,” she wrote.
  5. “And I said, ‘I am not aware of.

Can I use recall instead of remember?

Remember may mean “to bring to mind or think of again,” recall “to bring back to mind,” and recollect “to bring back to the level of conscious awareness.” There are circumstances in which any of these three words are interchangeable with any of the others, and other circumstances in which one or more of these words …

What is difference between recall and remember?

Recall = to bring to mind a collection of processes that happened in long length of time. Remember = to bring to mind a single process that happened in the past.

How was your day reply to girl?

Or, other replies are~ (How’s your day) “It’s been great, and yours?” “It’s been good, yours?” (How’s it going) “I’m well, how about you?” “It’s going great, what about you?” ^ these are all happy/positive replies, but you can also say “I’ve had better days” or “It’s not been great..”

How do you respond when someone says your beautiful?

How to reply when a guy says “You are beautiful”

  1. Aww. Thanks.
  2. Aww. You’re sweet!
  3. My goodness! That’s so sweet.
  4. Thank you, [name].
  5. Thanks a lot, [name].
  6. Are you sick or something?
  7. You’ve got to be kidding me.
  8. Stop it. You’re being weird.