What is an alpha prefix?

What is an alpha prefix?

alpha prefix. The three characters preceding the subscriber identification number on BCBS member ID cards. It identifies the member’s Blue Cross Blue Shield company or national account in order to properly route the claim. ambulatory care facility (ACF)

What is the prefix for Anthem BCBS?

Insurance Identifier Lookup YAA – YZZ

Prefix Plan Name
YCI Capital BlueCross
YCJ Anthem BCBS of Kentucky
YCK Anthem BCBS of Ohio
YCL Blue Cross of California

What is the alpha prefix for Florida Blue?

The alpha prefix PXN is displayed in front of the member identification number and copay information shows on the front of the card. A sample Publix ID card is provided below. For questions or additional information, call the Florida Blue Publix Dedicated Customer Service Unit at (866) 782-5495.

What state is BCBS prefix KST?

Prefix Plan Name
KCA Wellmark BCBS
KCB Wellmark BCBS
KCC Blue Cross of California
KCD Regence Blue Shield of Washington

What is a suffix on insurance card?

The second part of the claim number is the suffix. It is usually a letter, which may or may not be followed by a digit. The suffix indicates the type of benefits the claimant receives.

Who owns Anthem Blue Cross?

It is the largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As of 2022, the company had 46.8 million members within their affiliated companies’ health plans. Elevance Health, Inc….Elevance Health, Inc.

Formerly Anthem, Inc. (2014–2022)
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

What is the alpha prefix for Blue Shield of California?

XEA through XEZ
Note: Alpha prefixes XEA through XEZ represent local Blue Shield of California accounts.

How do I find my Florida Blue group number?

Find Your Benefit Booklet Group Number: (Where do I find this?) If you are having trouble finding the correct document or if you would like to have one sent to you, please contact your Agent or Sales Representative. You can also call 1-800-352-2583 (TTY/TDD call 1-800-955-8770).

What is the prefix for BCBS of Texas?

Identification of BlueCard Members The alpha prefix will identify the patient’s BCBS Plan (for example: ZGP for Texas), the National Account to which the member belongs (for example: HBT for Halliburton) or the patient’s international BCBS Plan (for example: ZZC for Italy).

What is the prefix for BCBS of Arizona?

Please note: the prefix for all BCBSAZ Advantage benefit plans is XBU.

How do you read insurance cards?

How To Read Your Insurance Card

  1. Your Identifying Information. Your health insurance card usually has your name on it.
  2. Policy Number.
  3. Group Plan Number.
  4. Insurance Company Contact Information.
  5. Coverage Amounts, In and Out of Network, and Co-pays.
  6. In Network and Out of Network.
  7. Co-pays.
  8. Prescription Coverage.

What does BH mean on my insurance card?

Behavioral health visits
Copayment amounts Copayments may be listed for: • Office visits (OV) • Behavioral health visits (BH) • Emergency room visits (ER) • Preventive care. Copayments may not appear if the deductible must be met first.

Is BCBS and Anthem the same?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a subsidiary of Anthem, but the two entities each sell health insurance in different areas of the country, and each company provides Medicare health benefits and prescription drug coverage to beneficiaries in those areas.

Did Anthem get bought out?

In November 2004, Wellpoint, Inc. was formed by the merger of Anthem Insurance Company and WellPoint Health Networks Inc. The merger was structured as Anthem acquiring WellPoint Health Networks and renaming itself WellPoint, Inc. WellPoint continued to use ‘Anthem’ as the brand name under which it operated.

Is Blue Shield of California the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Shield of California, an independent member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health plan with 4 million members, 6,800 employees and more than $17 billion in annual revenue.

What is the prefix for BCBS of California?

Note: Alpha prefixes XEA through XEZ represent local Blue Shield of California accounts.

What is the Florida blue group number?

You can also call 1-800-352-2583 (TTY/TDD call 1-800-955-8770). Florida Blue does not discriminate.

Is Florida Blue the same as BCBS?

Florida Blue is a not-for- profit, policyholder-owned, tax-paying mutual company. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., it is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. For more information, visit www.FloridaBlue.com.

Is Blue Advantage HMO Texas A Medicare plan?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers both individual and group Medicare Advantage plans.

What is the alpha prefix for Highmark BCBS?

Prefix Plan Name
QDN Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDO Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDP Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
QDQ Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania