What is an AF Form 1206?

What is an AF Form 1206?

The AF Form 1206 is used to nominate Airmen or civilians for awards. It records the justification for quarterly and annual awards at all organizational levels from Flight to Headquarters Air Force.

How many bullets go on a 1206?

21 bullets
The package requires 21 bullets because the wing-level winner is submitted to compete AETC wide. The scoring system is based on a 10-point scale, and is divided into a six-two-two rating system.

How many bullets do you need for NCO of the Year?

The AFSA Form 100 will contain the following categories: Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duties (Scoring: 60 pts) Limited to seven bullets plus the heading.

How do I get my AF Form 422?

The 422 may be obtained from the member’s servicing Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Record Review Rip (Go to vMPF, click “Self-Service Actions,” then click “Personal Data,” then click “Record Review/Update,” then “View/Print All Pages.”

How do I fill out a 1206?

How to Fill Out AF Form 1206?

  1. The filer must indicate the award type that should be given to the nominee under “Award.”
  2. The filer should specify the category of the award (if applicable), the award period (the period of time for which the award is given), and the rank and name of the nominee.

How do I save space on my 1206?

Open Microsoft Word or a new email in Outlook.

  1. Type “2009”
  2. Highlight “2009”, and press “Alt” and “X” key at the same time. 2009 will disappear and a blank space will be left.
  3. Open the awards package or evaluation, and highlight a blank space and press “Ctrl” and “V” at the same time and watch the space shrink.

How many bullets do you need for an EPR?

4-6 bullets
The EPR consists of categories of performance that require 4-6 bullets centered on accomplishments in selected areas.

What is an AF form 422 used for?

AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Members Qualification Status, is a document used for initial qualification, qualification for retirement or separation, military retraining, permanent change of station (PCS), professional military education (PME), and similar functions.

What is the purpose of the AF form 422?

Purpose of AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status. The AF Form 422 is used to communicate medical clearances and resulting qualification between the medical field and Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC).

What are AF 2096 used for?

Processing/Routing the AF Form 2096 It is the responsibility of the Unit Training Manager and the IMA’s supervisor to ensure the member has met all upgrade requirements prior to submitting the AF2096.

What is an AF Form 469?

— The purpose of Air Force Form 469 duty limiting condition report is to convey physical limitations to the commander when a member’s health, safety and well-being, mission safety or abilities to effectively accomplish the mission are at risk (Air Force Instruction 10-203 paragragh 1.1).

What is af 56?

AF Form 56 “Application & Evaluation for Training Leading to a Commission in the United States Air Force”

Can you decline PCS orders Air Force?

A8. You may be required to complete the assignment or deployment if you have an active duty service commitment. If you do not have an active duty service commitment and choose to decline an assignment or 365 deployment, you must apply to separate, or if eligible, to retire.

What does G series orders mean?

G-Series orders are used to announce and record command succession, unless precluded by military agencies. Commanders, including those appointed on a temporary basis, must be identified on G-Series orders to exercise the legal authority granted to them based on their role.

What is a code 50 in the Air Force?

Justin Batzer Thank you for your follow up question. An AAC 50 means you are in a maximum tour and you will move on your date of availability. As Base of Preference applications are considered quarterly, and as you may apply 12 months prior to your date of availability, it really is a matter of application timing.