What is a sepulchral tone?

What is a sepulchral tone?

proper to or suggestive of a tomb; funereal or dismal. hollow and deep: sepulchral tones.

What does sepulchral silence mean?

1. [more sepulchral; most sepulchral] literary : very sad and serious : very dismal or gloomy. sepulchral silence/darkness.

What is the synonym of sepulchral?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sepulchral, like: dismal, funereal, charnel, burial, somber, ghastly, druidical, tombstone, tumulus, wall painting and sarcophagus.

What is Sepulchra?

1 : a place of burial : tomb. 2 : a receptacle for religious relics especially in an altar. sepulchre. verb. variants: or sepulcher.

How do you use sepulchral in a sentence?

He heard the voice as clearly as if it had been whispered in his ear, a hollow, sepulchral voice. He made his way along the sepulchral corridors to the entrance hall, where the receptionist gave him a bright smile. The tone of his voice was dark and sepulchral, like the gusting of a distant wind.

What is the root word of sepulchral?

The Latin root word is sepelire, “to bury or embalm.” Definitions of sepulchral. adjective. of or relating to a sepulcher. “sepulchral inscriptions”

What part of speech is soporific?

SOPORIFIC (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a sepulture?

Definition of ‘sepulture’ 1. burial; interment. 2. Archaic. a burial place.

What soporific means?

causing or tending to cause sleep
Definition of soporific (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : causing or tending to cause sleep soporific drugs. b : tending to dull awareness or alertness. 2 : of, relating to, or marked by sleepiness or lethargy.

What is the opposite of an exodus?

‘Exodus’ means ‘a mass departure of people’. Option A: In contrast, ‘influx’ means ‘an arrival or entry of a large number of people’. It is the exact opposite of the given word.

Can a person be soporific?

What constitutes something soporific varies from person to person, and situation to situation: it could be the sound of someone’s voice, whether it is monotonous or soothing in tone, a certain kind of music, or a wash of white noise.

What does Refulgence mean?

Definition of refulgence : a radiant or resplendent quality or state : brilliance.

What is Pismire literature?

/ (ˈpɪsˌmaɪə) / noun. an archaic or dialect word for an ant.

What echelon means?

Definition of echelon (Entry 1 of 2) 1a(1) : an arrangement of a body of troops with its units each somewhat to the left or right of the one in the rear like a series of steps. (2) : a formation of units or individuals resembling such an echelon geese flying in echelon.

How do you use the word echelon?

Echelon in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The prominent college ranks among the top echelon of schools in the nation.
  2. When the layoffs occur, they will only affect employees in the lower echelon of the company.
  3. Only members of society’s highest echelon can afford to own airplanes.

What is synonym of Exodus?

mass departure, withdrawal, evacuation, leaving, exit. migration, emigration, hegira, diaspora. flight, escape, retreat, fleeing.

What are exodus words?

Words related to exodus departure, evacuation, flight, migration, withdrawal, egress, egression, emigration, exit, journey, retirement, retreat, going out.

Can people be refulgent?

refulgent Add to list Share. If someone tells you that you have refulgent eyes, they mean that your eyes shine brightly, like the stars. This suggests that your special someone is the poetic type, since refulgent is a literary way of saying “bright.”