What is a rod pocket curtain look like?

What is a rod pocket curtain look like?

The most classic and common of all methods of hanging curtains, a rod pocket is a sewn-in pocket, or casing, at the top of a curtain panel that easily slips over a rod and conceals it. Curtain panels hung this way bunch nicely and have a simple, casual look.

What are the three types of valance?

Different Types of Valances for Your Windows

  • Scarf Valances. Scarf or swag valances, as the name suggests, are a drapery fabric simply swagged across the top of the window.
  • Tailored Valances.
  • Cornice Valances.
  • Jabot Valances.

Where should valance rods be placed?

For most windows, a valance should cover about 2 to 6 inches of the top of the window and window frame (this is called the window overlap), with the rest of the valance covering the wall above the window. If there is not enough room to do this, then the valance should be hung immediately under the ceiling.

Are rod pocket curtains any good?

Rod Pocket Curtains Are Great, Casual Styled Curtains They also look great in apartments and other living situations. Their versatility makes these curtains very sought after. They come in a variety of styles and colors so that they will fit in with any aesthetic.

Can you hang rod pocket curtains with hooks?

Pinhooks can give you the custom-pleated look you want without the wear and tear on your wallet that nobody wants. The best news is that with a little ingenuity, pinhooks can be used with rod pocket curtains and a curtain rod, sparing you the expense of the more traditionally-used traverse rod.

What type of valance looks puffy?

Balloon Valances. Just as the name implies, the fabric of this type of valance “balloons” out, providing a full, puffy sort of appearance. Balloon valances are usually made of lightweight cotton material and come in many different colors and prints.

Do you need two curtain rods to hang a valance?

We recommend using two single curtain rods of 1″ – 2″ in diameter: the top one is for the valance with swags and tails, and the lower one for the two curtain panels. This way, you have more flexibility in adjusting height, width and projection (distance from the wall).

How far down should a valance hang?

Another rule of thumb used by decorators is that the window valance depth should be 1/4 of the overall window height, plus 1 inch. A 60-inch tall window, then, would call for a 16-inch deep valance, while a 48-inch window calls for a valance about 13 inches deep.

Do rod pocket curtains slide easily?

Rod pocket curtains are more difficult to open and close because the material doesn’t slide easily along the rod. Rings or pin hooks make adjusting curtains easier. If you use pins or rings, make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of the curtain.

Can you use curtain rings on rod pocket?

Using curtain clip rings on rod pocket curtains allows for easy opening and closing. You can attach the clips in a manner that enhances how the curtain falls and looks. Keep in mind that attaching curtain rings using clips (or hooks) adds to the length of the curtains. Remove the curtains from the curtain rod.

Do valances look dated?

In conclusion, valances are not dated at all. By following these three tips, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. I also recommend that you check out our custom valances if you want some inspiration. For even more modern solutions, check out our faux Roman shade valances.

What is the current trend in window treatments?

Interior design experts and trend analysts see emerging color trends around soft neutrals, monochromatic color schemes, and bright, nature-inspired elements for 2021. We also see a continued rise in popularity for gray and gray-tone shutters, including cooler and gray-tinted natural browns for wood window coverings.

Can you put a valance and curtains on the same rod?

Confident decorators everywhere would say to de-stress the experience of hanging a swag valance and a curtain by combining the two window treatments on a single rod.

How wide should valance be for 72 inch window?

Window Valance Size Chart & How-To Guide

For windows measuring You will need
30 inches – 39 inches 2 Valances
40 inches – 48 inches 2 – 3 Valances
49 inches – 72 inches 3 – 4 Valances
73 inches – 96 inches 4 – 5 Valances