What is a Hypnobrai in Ninjago?

What is a Hypnobrai in Ninjago?

Kai to Wu. The Hypnobrai are a tribe of Serpentine, based on the speckled cobra with a hint of the rattlesnake as well. They are known for their hypnosis abilities. An ancient group of Hypnobrai would later be resurrected and become known as the Pyro Vipers.

Who was the Hypnobrai general before scales?

Slithraa was presumably the first general of the Hypnobrai.

Who is the deceiver in Ninjago?

It is revealed that the “deceiver” who betrayed Aspheera is Wu. However, before the ninja realized that Wu was the deceiver, the ninja thought it was Garmadon at first.

Who betrayed Aspheera?

Aspheera was angered that Wu had betrayed her by not showing her this art and by standing against her. Aspheera was subsequently imprisoned after Mambo took back power.

Who is the leader of the Hypnobrai tribe?

Skales (also referred to as General Skales Commander Skales and King Skales) is the general of the Hypnobrai snake tribe and he was at one point leader of the Serpentine, formerly second in command to Slithraa.

Who is the Constrictai general?

Skalidor is the Serpentine general of the Constrictai tribe. As a hulking warrior, Skalidor fought in the Serpentine War many years ago before being sealed away in a tomb along with his fellow Constrictai.

What are Pyro Vipers?

The Pyro Vipers are an ancient group of Hypnobrai revived and once led by Aspheera to aid her in her conquest of Ninjago. They used to live in the Desert of Doom and were ruled by Mambo V.

Who is the strongest Serpentine in Ninjago?

The Anacondrai
The Anacondrai were one of the five Serpentine tribes living in Ninjago and were the most powerful, fastest, dangerous, and feared of all Serpentine, acting as the fiercest warriors of their time under the lead of General Arcturus.

What are the 7 Serpentine tribes?

Venomari, Constrictai, Fangpyre, Hypnobrai, and Pythor, the last Anacondrai member, in Rise of the Snakes, Legacy of the Green Ninja, and Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu, the Vermillion in The Hands of Time, and the Pyro Vipers in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu.

Is Garmadon full Oni?

Even those very distantly related to the Oni seem to have that power, as Garmadon and Wu, who are both only a quarter Oni, have been able to live for over a millennium. Despite their power of shapeshifting being similar to the Element of Form, the Oni don’t actually have the Elemental Power.

How did Pythor turn white?

After explaining that being digested in the bowels of the Great Devourer bleached his scales white, Pythor abducted Lloyd and had his father thrown into the sea below.

What serpentine tribe is clancee?

the Venomari tribe
Appearance. Clancee is a Serpentine hybrid with a head resembling the Anacondrai, although he is hardly one of them. His scales are light green in color and his eyes are yellow, as are members of the Venomari tribe, indicating that one of his parents was the Venomari.

What is Master Wu’s elemental power?

Creation. Creation is an elemental essence used by Master Wu and others using the Tornado of Creation and Mega Weapon, as well as Garmadon after reaching his True Potential. It allows the user to create anything.