What is a handbell player called?

What is a handbell player called?

People who play handbells are known as ‘Ringers’. Not ding-a-lings. The joke wasn’t funny the first time, and it still not funny years… (decades) later. PT Barnum (Yes, ‘A handbell ringer is born every minute’ PT Barnum) is credited for bringing the English handbell to the USA in the 1840s.

What is a group of handbell ringers called?

A handbell group (known variously as a team, ensemble, choir or orchestra) will have a set of handbells covering all the notes over 2 or more octaves (including all the sharps and flats!). They play these together and in sequence to create a piece of music, complete with melody and harmony.

Where do handbells come from?

Bells have been in existence for thousands of years, but handbells developed in England in the 17th century. The first bells in England were huge and found in church towers. They were used for change ringing, the art of changing the order in which the bells ring.

What companies make handbells?

Malmark, Inc. is the only company in the world dedicated solely to the manufacturing and distribution of Malmark handbells, Choirchime® Instruments and ringing accessories. Malmark is a leader in design and manufacturing innovations as we produce the largest range of handbells and handchimes in the world.

Are handbells hard to play?

It is difficult to play handbells quickly, but it is possible.

How much does a handbell weigh?

Handbells can weigh as little as 7 oz (200 g) or upwards of 18 lb (8.2 kg).

Why do hand bell ringers wear gloves?

Merry Lloyd. We get asked this often. I explain that gloves are worn to protect the bells from skin oils, which of course they do not…and to ‘set off’ the bells.

How much do handbells weigh?

What is a tang on a handbell?

The bell had a slightly different shape; he removed the little brass nub at the top of the bell, where it attaches to the handle. (The nub is called a “tang.” This will be relevant later in the story.)

Do you have to read music to play handbells?

Reading and Playing Music. Understand your role as a member of a handbell choir. You only control two or three of the notes in the whole “keyboard” right now. You must work to play together with the other members of your choir to sound like one instrument.

What is middle C in handbells?

Handbells are in fact a transposing instrument and sound one octave higher than written, placing C5 in the middle C position on our scores.

How heavy is the c4 handbell?

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How heavy is C3 bell?

The bronze C3 handbell that sits at the bottom end of a traditional 5-octave setup is a little of 7 pounds, and for decades that was considered the largest practical handbell.

What does SB mean in handbell music?

Soft suspended mallet rolls may be used in place of SB, if necessary. Swing. SW indicates a full-arm swing after ringing the handbell.

Do handbells sound an octave higher?

Handbells are in fact a transposing instrument and sound one octave higher than written, placing C5 in the middle C position on our scores. And just when you think we couldn’t go any lower, Malmark does make aluminum handbells down to G1.

How do I identify an old cast iron bell?


  1. The edges of the bell will have become soft and irregular over time.
  2. The edges will show heavy wear and the rest of the bell will also look worn and seasoned.
  3. Antique bells will not have a casting or parting line. The new bells are typically cast in two pieces, whereas antique farm bells were cast as one piece.

Is it hard to play handbells?