What is a good German name for a cat?

What is a good German name for a cat?

German Cat Names. Just as with dogs, there are some typical, clichéd names for cats. The German equivalent of “kitty” is Mieze or Miezekatze (pussycat).

  • B. Bach. Beethoven, Brahms.
  • C. Carl/Karl. Carlchen.
  • D. Dagmar (f.) Dierk.
  • F. Fabian. Fabio/Fabius.
  • H. Hagen. Haiko/Heiko.
  • I. Idefix (from Asterix comic) Ignaz.
  • J. Jan (m.) Janka (f.)
  • What should I name my cat funny?

    Top Funny Cat Names

    • Bubbles.
    • Cheddar.
    • Fishbait.
    • Jiggles.
    • Katy Purry.
    • Kit-Kat.
    • Meowise.
    • Puddy Tat.

    What are good food names for cats?

    You can’t not consider these oh-so-cute pet names when naming the tiniest kittens.

    • Almond.
    • Biscuit.
    • Cake Pop.
    • Cashew.
    • Chip.
    • Cookie.
    • Cracker.
    • Cupcake.

    What are badass names for cats?

    Badass Grey Cat Names

    • Smokey.
    • Blade.
    • Pepper.
    • Stone.
    • Wolf.
    • Tornado.
    • Hurricane.
    • Dark Moon.

    What’s a German name?

    The top 10 most common are Müller (miller), Schmidt (smith), Schneider (tailor), Fischer (fisher), Weber (weaver), Meyer (leaseholder), Wagner (cartwright), Schulz (constable), Becker (baker) and Hoffman (steward).

    What is a nickname for cats?

    Cat Names and Kitten Names in the USA – Top 50 Names for Cats

    1. Tigger 2. Tiger 3. Max
    4. Smokey 5. Sam 6. Kitty
    7. Sassy 8. Shadow 9. Simba
    10. Patch 11. Lucky 12. Misty
    13. Sammy 14. Princess 15. Oreo

    Can I name my cat Sushi?

    Japanese Food Names for Cats Honor the homeland of Hello Kitty with these Japanese food names. Sushi: If calling “Sushi! Sushi!” doesn’t grab your cat’s attention, nothing will. The delicious rolls are a kitty’s dream come true.

    What are some exotic cat names?

    101 Wild and Exotic Cat Names

    • Saber- This French word means sword.
    • Moses- This uncommon Hebrew name speaks of wisdom and power.
    • Boldness- This is a great name for a brave cat.
    • Jupiter- This was the name of a Roman god of war.
    • Zeus- This was the most powerful Greek god.

    What’s the longest German word?

    A spokeswoman for Duden, publishers of the most extensive German dictionary, said: “For that, it has to be in common parlance, and long words are sometimes simply too uncomfortable.” So the longest word to be found in the German dictionary is Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung – “motor vehicle indemnity insurance”.

    What are some badass German names?

    German Names

    Freud Adalwolf Blitz
    Lars Olof Augustus
    Siegfried Fritz Sven
    Viktor Wolfgang Johann
    Hugo Birgitta Heidi

    What are some cool food names?

    Fun Food Names

    • horseradish relish.
    • guava jelly.
    • mango chutney.
    • pickapeppa sauce.
    • ginger jam.
    • smoked sprats.
    • conchiglioni.
    • pancit luglug.