What is a dispensable means?

What is a dispensable means?

adjective. capable of being dispensed with or done without; not necessary or essential. capable of being dispensed or administered: The money is not dispensable at present. Roman Catholic Church. capable of being permitted or forgiven, as an offense or sin.

What things are dispensable?

Dispensable definition Not essential; unimportant. Dispensable items of personal property. Capable of being dispensed, administered, or distributed. Dispensable drugs.

What’s another word for dispensable?

Dispensable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for dispensable?

unnecessary disposable
expendable inessential
superfluous nonessential
needless unessential
gratuitous unrequired

What does no indispensable mean?

This page is about the saying “Nobody is indispensable” Possible meaning: No person is totally essential. Anyone can become unnecessary, not needed. Anyone can lose their job.

How do you use dispensable in a sentence?

capable of being dispensed with or done without.

  1. Delete what is dispensable and give more prominence to the essentials.
  2. Part-time workers are considered dispensable.
  3. A garage is useful but dispensable.
  4. All those people in the middle are dispensable.
  5. They looked on music and art lessons as dispensable.

Am I that easily dispensable meaning?

dispensable – capable of being dispensed with or done without; “dispensable items of personal property” unnecessary, unneeded – not necessary.

How do you use indispensable?

1) He had soon made himself indispensable. 2) Computer is indispensable to modern life. 3) She’s quite indispensable to the company. 4) This book is an indispensable resource for researchers.

What type of word is indispensable?

Indispensable is a strong adjective for something that you couldn’t do without.

Is dispensability a word?

Not essential; unimportant: dispensable items of personal property. 2. Capable of being dispensed, administered, or distributed: dispensable drugs. 3.

What does indispensable necessity mean?

1 absolutely necessary; essential. 2 not to be disregarded or escaped.

Can a person be dispensable?

If someone or something is dispensable they are not really needed. All those people in the middle are dispensable.

What’s the opposite of a necessity?

In a language, not every word has a synonym, but not every word has an opposite. In general, adjectives and adverbs have opposite meanings, that is, words reporting quality and quantity often have opposite words. Opposites of Necessity; unnecessary.

How can I be dispensable?

The first step to becoming dispensable is surrounding yourself with excellent people. If you hire the sort of people who could do your job for you, you’ll be able to trust that when you step away, they’ll do your job for you. Then, you can focus on the real work.

How can I be dispensable at work?

Here are our seven tips to make yourself indispensable at work:

  1. Be seriously reliable. Reliability isn’t just about showing up on time to meetings.
  2. Make your manager’s job easier.
  3. Volunteer yourself for key projects.
  4. Be the expert…
  5. 5. and share your knowledge.
  6. Build relationships with senior managers.
  7. Offer solutions.

Is non necessity a word?

noun. The condition of being unnecessary; absence of necessity.

What is an indispensable employee?

What does “indispensable” mean? Being indispensable means you are necessary for the success of your team. If you put in the skill and work necessary to be a vital and integral team member, your employer is more likely to value your position.

How do you make yourself dispensable?

Make yourself dispensable by sharing what you know freely with others, to multiply knowledge.

What are the non essential things?

Non-essentials are things that are not absolutely necessary. In a recession, consumers could be expected to cut down on non-essentials like toys.