What does rustled my jimmies mean?

What does rustled my jimmies mean?

The phrase “wrestle with Jimmy” sounds very similar to “rustled my jimmies”, particularly the way Rivers says it in the song. “Rustle my jimmies”, at least to me, is being made uncomfortable or annoyed by something without being able to clearly express what it is.

Are you jimmies rustled?

The gist of these expressions is that one is annoyed, angered, or upset. The severity or crudeness of the language may describe the intensity of emotion felt by the “rustled”. Jimmies works as a malleable, polysemic construction.

What is a Jimmy in Australia?

noun Australian slang An immigrant.

What states call sprinkles jimmies?

Philadelphia’s signature ice cream topping is jimmies. Or it’s sprinkles. Or it’s both. And we’re ready to fight about it.

What is a Jimmy British slang?

(ˈdʒɪmɪ ) noun. Central Scotland slang. an informal term of address to a male stranger.

What does Jimmies mean slang?

jimmy. slang. 1. A marijuana cigarette. I made sure to roll a couple jimmies to bring with us on the hike.

What is a Jimmy in the UK?

noun. informal. 1British An act of urination.

Where did the term jimmies originate?

Etymology experts claim that the name “jimmies” derives from the Jim Crow laws that were passed after the American Civil War. Those were the laws that segregated the South and pretty much put the brakes on racial harmony in this country for over a century.

Who says jimmies instead of sprinkles?

It’s after Jim Crow,” said Carly, who grew up in Wellesley and prefers to call them sprinkles. Her nearby friend, Izak, agreed. They are two of many who have heard that the word jimmies has deeply racist connotations.

What does bares or jimmies mean?

The act of urinating. The term comes from rhyming slang in which “Jimmy” is short for “Jimmy Riddle,” which rhymes with “piddle” (a slang term for “urinate”).

What does Jimmy stand for?

Jimmy is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin and a derivation of James. Associated with victory and change, Jimmy means “he who supplants” which indicates someone who may forcefully take a position or role belonging to someone else.

Where did the term jimmies come from?

What does jimmies mean slang?

What are your jimmies?

(Internet slang) To bother someone; to make someone feel upset. quotations ▼ It really rustles my jimmies when my roommate blasts his stereo all day. (Internet slang) To interest or excite sexually and/or romantically. quotations ▼

What is the difference between sprinkles and jimmies?

The only difference that can be said of Jimmies and Sprinkles is with regard to their name. 2. A person in Boston, Philadelphia and some parts of New England call these candies as Jimmies. But these tiny sugar candies are called sprinkles in New York and other parts of the world.

Where do they say jimmies?

Philadelphia’s signature ice cream topping is jimmies. Or it’s sprinkles.

Are jimmies condoms?

Jimmy definition (US, slang) A condom.