What does multi usage mean?

What does multi usage mean?

Definition of multiuse : intended or suitable for more than one use : multipurpose a multiuse device The multiuse path, which opened four years ago, stretches from Glenwood Springs to a parking lot west of Dotsero … .

Is it multi use or multi use?

mul•ti•pur•pose adj. designed to serve several purposes; useful for many tasks: The Swiss army knife is an ideal multipurpose tool.

Is multi use one word?

Definition of ‘multiuse’

What is the English meaning of multi?

Definition of multi- 1a : many : multiple : much multivalent. b : more than two multilateral. c : more than one multiparous multibillion.

What is the definition of multifunctional?

Definition of multifunction : performing or capable of performing more than one function a multifunction device multifunctional furniture The most popular approach to kitchen flexibility today is to plan a multifunction family center, often called the “great room.”— Laurence E.

What’s another word for multi purpose?

Other Related multi-use, multifunctional, multiple-use, multi-role, multi-skilled, multi-faceted, general-purpose, all-purpose, multiskilled, multifaceted, multi-application, multiple, diverse, versatile, all-in-one.

Are multi words hyphenated?

In general, don’t hyphenate words beginning with multi- unless it’s necessary to avoid confusion or multi- is followed by a proper noun. Check The American Heritage Dictionary.

What words start with multi?

10-letter words that start with multi

  • multimedia.
  • multiplier.
  • multiparty.
  • multistate.
  • multiphase.
  • multilevel.
  • multitrack.
  • multistage.

What are some words for multi?


  • assorted.
  • divers.
  • diversified.
  • manifold.
  • many.
  • miscellaneous.
  • multiple.
  • multitudinous.

How do you use multifunctional in a sentence?

Examples of ‘multifunctional’ in a sentence multifunctional

  1. In a small space, everything needs to be multifunctional.
  2. You could, of course, come up with your own multifunctional space solution.
  3. This means low prices and multifunctional furniture.
  4. Multifunctional units are the mark of the modern bathroom.

What’s another word for multifunctional?

multi-role, multi-faceted, versatile, multidimensional, multifaceted, multi-skilled, diverse, multiskilled, general-purpose, multiple, transferable, multi-disciplinary, diversified, multi-pronged, multidisciplinary.

What are multilayers?

Definition of multilayered : having or involving several distinct layers, strata, or levels.

What do you call a person with many layers?

Use the adjective stratified to describe something with many layers, either physically (like the layers of your skin) or socially (a kingdom with the king at the top and peasants at the bottom).

What is a multichannel definition?

Definition of multichannel : having, involving, or affecting more than one channel But just as we don’t feel grateful to have indoor plumbing or multichannel digital cable television, we don’t necessarily feel grateful that we earn more than our parents did.

What is multi channeled communication?

Multi-channel communication simply means communicating with customers via multiple channels such as print, SMS, e-mail, web portals, and mobile applications.

Is English language learners hyphenated?

Another such example is “English-language learners.” Without the hyphen, a reader might think we are talking about English people who are learning any language (“English language-learners”) rather than people who are learners of the English language.

Is English as a second language hyphenated?

In this case, since you are using a combination of nouns “English + language” to describe another noun, then the hyphen is required.

Is multi Greek or Latin?

From Latin multus (“much, many”).