What does monkey mean in British slang?

What does monkey mean in British slang?

(Picture: Getty) The most widely recognised Cockney rhyming slang terms for money include ‘pony’ which is £25, a ‘ton’ is £100 and a ‘monkey’, which equals £500.

What does cack mean in UK?

Excrement; dung
noun. mass noun informal British. 1Excrement; dung. ‘cow cack’

What does Kermit mean in Cockney rhyming slang?

Kermit is Cockney slang for Road.

What does Cheeky monkey mean in British?

‘Cheeky monkey’ is an expression we use when someone is being mischievous and playful.

What is cracked in British slang?

Meaning – Excellent or impressive. The very best. This expression is used to describe just about anything that is really good – a person, a movie, a meal or a game of football. This is British English slang. Cracking can also be used as an adverb to mean extremely.

What does cracked mean in British slang?

You use cracking to describe something you think is very good or exciting. [British, informal]

Why is a pony 25 cockney rhyming slang?

The word has been traced back from the late 18th century in London and has a vast range of suggestions for its etymology. By some it has been suggested that in the 18th century £25 was the typical price paid for a small horse, although historians have contested this is not accurate and far too much money.

What do they call condoms in England?

In the UK, “Rubber” and “Johnny” are the two most popular colloquialisms for Condom. Johnny is more common today – Rubber is more of a nineties term.

What do British guys call their girlfriends?

British terms of endearment: ‘Sweetheart’, ‘love’, ‘darling’…

What does the sitting 🐒 mean?

What does 🐒 Monkey emoji mean? Monkeys. They are mischievous, cute, and … cute. This monkey emoji reflects that, with a sweet countenance and curled tail, sitting as if perched on a tree branch.

What does pass the monkey mean?

: to remove or solve a problem that has been difficult to get rid of or solve : to get rid of a problem or situation that makes one unhappy and that lasts for a long time He finally got the monkey off his back and kicked his drug addiction.

What is Lollipopping in England?

noun. (in Britain) a person who stops traffic by holding up a circular sign on a pole to allow children to cross a road safely. Official name: school crossing patrol.

What does knackered mean in British slang?

tired, exhausted
Definition of knackered British. : tired, exhausted. Synonyms & Antonyms Don’t Get Tired Defining Knackered Example Sentences Learn More About knackered.

Why do British people say bloody?

Don’t worry, it’s not a violent word… it has nothing to do with “blood”.”Bloody” is a common word to give more emphasis to the sentence, mostly used as an exclamation of surprise. Something may be “bloody marvellous” or “bloody awful“. Having said that, British people do sometimes use it when expressing anger…

What does gutted mean in British slang?

very disappointed or upset
Gutted. This is a very expressive adjective that actually sounds like what it means. Try saying the word out loud in a phrase: “I am gutted.” Does that sound like a positive statement? If you answered “no”, then your instincts were right, because being gutted means you’re very disappointed or upset about something.