What does Flurry Analytics do?

What does Flurry Analytics do?

Revenue Analytics within Flurry allows you to track your In App Purchase (IAP) Revenue from transactions that occur within your iOS app or Android app in order to determine if your app is producing revenue from in app purchases at the levels you expect.

What is iOS flurry?

Flurry | Mobile App Analytics Platform for Android & iOS.

What is data flurry?

Flurry Analytics enables users to analyze consumer behavior through data observations. The platform provides features for user segmentation, consumer funnels, and app portfolio analysis. The user segments can be categorized by things like paying versus non-paying customers or light versus heavy users.

How does Flurry Analytics make money?

Flurry analytics can profit immensely by collecting information on how users are accessing those tools and selling each impression in real-time bidding. With Flurry, app developers can ‘sell’ or ‘auction’ your smartphone screens to advertisers.

What data does Flurry collect?

Platforms like Flurry collect non-personally-identifying information about users like what model and type of device a user is accessing the app on, what language, date and time the app is set to, and what operating system is being used.

How does flurry make money?

And to improve how apps make money. Flurry uses that data, for example, to power its advertising platform, which is used by brands to target specific audiences on apps in Flurry’s network, and by developers to monetise their apps with more relevant inventory.

How much does flurry cost?

completely free
Cost: Flurry Analytics is completely free, with no data limits. Implementation: Get started in 5 minutes with 2 lines of code to access all usage metrics, demographic info and User Acquisition Analytics. Advanced implementations with Event tagging takes days, not weeks or months.

Is Flurry owned by Yahoo?

Yahoo Buys Mobile Analytics Firm Flurry For North Of $200M | TechCrunch.

Is flurry owned by Yahoo?

What data does flurry collect?

How do I find my flurry API key?

1) Head over to the site www.flurry.com. 2) If you don’t already have a Flurry account, click on SIGN UP, otherwise skip ahead to step 3. Complete the registration form and then click on SIGN UP to confirm. 3) If you already have a Flurry account, click on LOG IN, enter your email and password and click on Log In.

What is Flurry SDK?

The Flurry Analytics SDK provides you with the tools and resources you need to gain a deep level of understanding about your users’ behavior in your apps. Set up advanced analysis of complex events, with metrics, segments and funnels to better track your users’ habits and performance.

How does Flurry analytics make money?