What does fester definition?

What does fester definition?

Definition of fester 1 : to generate pus The wound became inflamed and festered. 2 : putrefy, rot festering carrion. 3a : to cause increasing poisoning, irritation, or bitterness : rankle dissent festered unchecked His resentment festered for years.

Does fester mean rot?

To fester is defined as to become worse, to become infected or to rot. When food is left out in the sun for days to rot, this is an example of a time when the food festers.

Does fester means infected?

fester verb [I] (INJURY) If a cut or other injury festers, it becomes infected and produces pus: a festering sore.

What does it mean to fester emotions?

(fɛstər ) Word forms: festers, festering, festered. intransitive verb. If you say that a situation, problem, or feeling is festering, you disapprove of the fact that it is being allowed to grow more unpleasant or full of anger, because it is not being properly recognized or dealt with. [disapproval]

Is fester a bad word?

fester Add to list Share. To fester is to grow and spread, not in a good way. When a cut gets infected it starts to fester and smell bad. Emotional wounds stink too, like when you hold on to anger or pain until it starts to fester and explodes.

How do you use fester?

Fester in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Without treatment and rest, my sprained ankle has continued to fester and is now black and blue in color.
  2. I know my anger will fester if I don’t tell my husband how I really feel.
  3. After the white police officer killed the unarmed black teen, racial tension started to fester throughout the country.

What happens when a wound festers?

Fester is a verb describing what happens to a wound or a sore that gets worse and has liquid, or pus, oozing out. Infections cause cuts, broken bones, and diseases to fester. Dead bodies can fester too — as they decompose.

What does fester like a sore and then run mean?

If the dream does not dry up, maybe it will “fester like a sore-/ And then run.” If you have a sore, you want it to dry up so it will heal, but if it festers and runs, that means it is infected and will take longer to heal.

Is fester a name?

German: from a short form of the personal name Silvester . Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname from inflected form of Yiddish fest ‘firm’.

What is the synonym of festering?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for festering. bleeding, burning, chafing, cramping.

How do you use festooned in a sentence?

Verb We festooned the halls with leaves and white lights. The balcony is festooned in ivy. His office is festooned with newspaper clippings. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘festoon.

How do you stop a wound from festering?

Follow these steps to help keep wounds from getting infected:

  1. Wash the wound right away with soap and water.
  2. Apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment.
  3. Cover wounds with a bandage or gauze dressing.
  4. Keep the wound clean and dry for the first 24 hours.
  5. Wash your hands before and after you care for your wound.

What does fester mean in a dream deferred?

fester like a sore- And then run: meaning a pus that is formed in the body due to delay in treatment. stink like rotten meat: meat if kept for long starts giving bad smell or odor.

What does a syrupy sweet mean?

Syrupy things are very, very sweet—probably a little too sweet! A syrupy dessert might make your teeth hurt. Things that are literally syrupy have the drippy, sticky sweetness of molasses or honey.

What’s the opposite of fester?

Opposite of to rot or cause to rot. ascend. brighten. build.

What is the meaning bedeck?

Definition of bedeck transitive verb. 1 : to clothe with finery : deck. 2 : decorate sense 2.

What do festoons look like?

Some people call them puffy eyes or severe bags, but Festoons, or Molar Mounds, are skin folds that swell and sag below the lower eyelids and upper cheek area. Often Festoons look like a drape that is hung from one corner of the eye to another, with the lowest part hanging on the cheek.