What does datamatics company do?

What does datamatics company do?

Datamatics is an Indian company that provides consulting, information technology (IT), data management, and business process management services. Its services use robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Is datamatics a good company to work for?

Good company. Some projects are good, you will get good learning. Job security, you will get another project if your project finished. Management are supportive.

Is datamatics a MNC company?

Big Product based MNC.

Who is owner of datamatics?

Rahul L. KanodiaDatamatics Global Services Limited / CEO

Is datamatics a good company Quora?

Lumina Datamatics is the worst company! Trainees are paid only 9000 and after one year they are paid 10,000!! They have WORST HR’s and WORST Manager’s. MANAGER’S ARE SLAVES OF Team Leads.

How big is datamatics?

Revenue up 17.4% YoY to ₹ 1,201 crores; PAT up 120% YoY to ₹ 157 crores.

What type of company is Lumina datamatics?

Lumina Datamatics is a trusted partner in providing Content Services, Retail Support Services, and Technology Solutions to several global companies in the Publishing and Retail industries worldwide.

Who is BPO head for datamatics?

Sunil Shah – Vice President – F&A BPO Operations – Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. LinkedIn.

What is our mission datamatics?

Our vision is to be a world-class organization admired for consistently delivering superior business value. We will achieve this by enhancing business efficiency for data-driven businesses through smart solutions.

Is datamatics a public limited company?

Pursuant to a resolution of its members dated December 27, 1999, the Company became a public company. By a certificate dated January 13, 2000, the name of the Company was changed from Datamatics Technologies Private Limited to Datamatics Technologies Limited.

Is datamatics and Lumina datamatics same?

Datamatics to Demerge and Separately List its Subsidiary Lumina Datamatics. Mumbai, December 14, 2018: The Board of Directors of DATAMATICS GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED (“DGSL”), and LUMINA DATAMATICS LIMITED (“Lumina”) in their respective board meetings today, approved a proposal to merge the two Companies into DGSL.

Is datamatics a BPO?

Datamatics is a premier provider of end–to–end BPO and IT solutions spanning consulting, technology architectures and business process management.

What is our values datamatics?

Our Values Datamatics fosters an atmosphere of open communication, feedback and change. Datamatikars enjoy access across levels and functions and follow a disciplined ethic comprising rules, processes and performance norms.

Who is the BPO head for datamatics?

Sunil Dixit – Head FAS & DMS North America – Datamatics Global Services, Inc | LinkedIn.

Which Datamatics Group company deals into content and publishing services?

Software firm Datamatics Global Services (DGSL) today said it has entered into an agreement with multimedia content solutions company PreMedia Global (PMG) to merge their data publishing and e-retail business.

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How is LuminAID doing?

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investor Mark Cuban
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Is LuminAID still in business?

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