What does China Anne McClain do now?

What does China Anne McClain do now?

China Anne McClain Now She then went on to voice the character of Freddie in Descendants: Wicked World. After that, she starred in multiple TV shows — including the spinoff of the comedy House of Payne called The Paynes and the CW show Black Lightning.

How old is China Anne McClain?

23 years (August 25, 1998)China Anne McClain / Age

What episode of Ant Farm is Calling All the Monsters in?

MutANT Farm
Calling All The Monsters is an original Halloween-themed song performed by China Anne McClain. It was featured in the A.N.T Farm Halloween episode, MutANT Farm, as well as in the Shake It Up episode, Beam It Up, being the only song to be featured on two different Disney Channel shows.

Where is Calling All the Monsters from?

A.N.T. Farm
Background. “Calling All the Monsters” is the second single released from the soundtrack A.N.T. Farm (2011), for the television series of the same name on Disney Channel.

Why did A.N.T. Farm end?

The reason ANT Farm ended was because China wanted to start working on music for her band, McClain, and wanted to do more edgier sounds in their music leaving her to want to depart from the Disney image.

Will A.N.T. Farm come back?

According to star China Anne McClain, the sitcom has been cancelled. The comedy takes place in San Francisco and revolves around a group of gifted middle-schoolers in a special “Advanced Natural Talent” (A.N.T.) program at the local high school.

What Disney movie has the song Calling all monsters in it?

The original “Calling All the Monsters” song was released Sept. 20, 2011, and was featured on the official soundtrack for Disney Channel’s teen sitcom A.N.T. Farm.

When did Calling All the Monsters come out date?

2011Calling All the Monsters / Released

Which McClain sister played in Empire?

Sierra McClain
Sierra McClain approaches me with a smile and envelopes me in a huge hug, as if we’ve been friends forever. The 23-year-old — who plays Nessa on Empire — radiates energy and excitement as we settle in at a restaurant in Chicago.

Is Messenger related to China Anne McClain?

China Anne McClain Our brother Messenger wrote a verse that added more magic to the song than what we could’ve achieved alone. We had several members of our family on set during filming, so it felt like a big celebration.

Will Ant Farm come back?

Why did ant farm switch schools?

“The original dual premise of the show worked great when the kids were 12, but by the time Season 3 rolled around, all of the kids had pretty much reached high school age, so they had outgrown it by that point.” To meet the change, Signer decided the focus should be more on the children’s talents, so he had to figure …

Why did ant farm end?

Who is the guy in the Calling All the Monsters?

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of “Calling All the Monsters,” China Anne, Lauryn and Sierra McClain have returned to create a new version of the song as well as a new music video. The new music video will also feature Gabriel McClain, the brother of the three musicians.

Where can I watch Calling All the Monsters?

Watch Calling All the Monsters | Disney+