What do you put on a communication card?

What do you put on a communication card?

The Communication Cards cover themes such as:

  • Food / Drink / Meals.
  • Personal Care.
  • Feelings / Pain.
  • Religion / Spirituality.
  • Sleep.
  • Mobility Aids.
  • Medical / Health Specialists.
  • TV / Recreation.

What are PEC cards for autism?

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a way for autistic people to communicate without relying on speech. To communicate, people use cards with pictures, symbols, words or photographs to ask for things, comment on things or answer questions.

What are communication boards for autism?

A communication board is a device that displays photos, symbols, or illustrations to help people with limited language skills express themselves. The user can gesture, point to, or blink at images to communicate with others. Communication boards are one type of augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) device.

What are the 6 phases of PECS?

PECs – The six steps and how to make it fun

  • Step 1: Learning How to Communicate. This begins with the student seeing the the desired object.
  • Step 2: Adding Distance and Persistence.
  • Step 3: Picture Discrimination.
  • Step 4: Sentence Structure.
  • Step 6: Commenting.

What is a communication card?

Communication cards contain a set of icons that patients can use if they are having difficulty communicating their immediate needs, wants or concerns. These cards can be very useful during hospital visits or stays. The cards can be printed and left with the patient at the bedside.

How much do PECS cost?

The fee is $40.00 USD, and the examination certificates are valid for 2 years.

What are the 6 stages of PECS?

How do you make communication books?

Every communication book fits different needs, but many basic formats include the following components:

  1. Home page(s) with core words.
  2. Action words.
  3. People.
  4. Places.
  5. Personal information.
  6. Greetings and social exchanges.
  7. Quick, commonly used phrases (e.g., “I need help,” “I need a break,” “I’m in pain,” “Bathroom, please”)

What are PECS symbols?

What is PECS? PECS is a type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication that uses visual symbols to teach the learner to communicate with parents, carers, teachers and peers. The aim is to teach intentional, functional communication and to allow users to communicate their wants and needs.

Is a communication board the same as pecs?

When Would You Like to Meet? PECS boards are an essential tool for many nonverbal students, and their instructors. They are also known as token boards, schedule boards, transition boards, first-then boards, or visual communication boards.

Can you use photos for pecs?

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system (i.e. a communication method other than speech) that involves the physical exchange of pictures to communicate with another person for the purpose of requesting or commenting.

How do I create a free communication board?


  1. Sign up with Google. Picto4me store your project files on Google Drive. You signup with your Google Account.
  2. Pick some images. Click on a empty cell and pick an image to fill it. Select border or background colors.
  3. Play on mobile. Scan the QRCode on the mobile device. That’s it you are done!.

How do you make a communication book?

How do you make a communication board?

How do communication boards work?

A communication board (other names: theme board /aided language display) is a picture symbol board that can be used to support an interaction around an activity. The pictures (words) on the board will enable a child and the adult supporting them to make comments, requests or give a direction to each other.

What are communication cards?