What did Rance Allen died from?

What did Rance Allen died from?

October 31, 2020Rance Allen / Date of death
and Mary McLaurine Glover. He also performed for President Barack Obama at a White House Celebration of Gospel Music and was nominated for five Grammy Awards. Allen died on October 31, 2020 from complications due to a recent medical procedure. He was 71 years old.

What R&B song did Rance Allen sing?

They appeared in the 1973 concert film Wattstax, performing the song “Lying on the Truth,” and the same year, they crossed over to the R&B chart with the single “I Got to Be Myself” (from the album Brothers), which peaked at 31.

Who is Rance Allen Wife?

Ellen Marie AllenRance Allen / Wife (m. 1970)

What kind of medical procedure did Rance Allen have?

back surgery
Allen died unexpectedly while recovering from back surgery he underwent Tuesday. He had been doing so well until his setback that family members were told he would be sent home early this week, he said. “He never fully recovered from that,” he said.

What male gospel singer died recently?

Nigerian gospel singer, Prince Chinedu Nwadike is dead. Chinedu who was popular for his single, “God of vengeance”, died Sunday afternoon in Abuja after recovering from a kidney problem.

What church did Rance Allen pastor?

the New Bethel Church of God in Christ
Known for his extremely wide vocal range and powerful singing voice, Allen became known as the main lead vocalist and the leader of the influential group. He was the senior pastor of the New Bethel Church of God in Christ in Toledo, Ohio, since its July, 1985 establishment.

Where is Rance Allen’s church?

Toledo, Ohio

Where is Rance Allen from?

Monroe, MIRance Allen / Place of birth

How old is Kirk Franklin?

52 years (January 26, 1970)Kirk Franklin / Age

How old was Rance Allen when he passed away?

71 years (1948–2020)Rance Allen / Age at death

Allen died on Oct. 31 at the Heartland at ProMedica care center near his home in Toledo, Ohio. He was 71. His brother Steve, who with their brother Thomas constituted the Rance Allen Group, confirmed his death.

Is Shawn McLemore still alive?

October 9, 2021Shawn McLemore / Date of death

How old was Shawn McLemore when he died?

54 years (1967–2021)Shawn McLemore / Age at death

What happened to Bishop Allen?

TOLEDO, OHIO — Bishop Rance Allen, a famous gospel singer and church bishop who hailed from Michigan, has died. Allen died at age 71 while recovering from a medical procedure at Heartland ProMedica in Sylvania, Ohio, according to a joint statement from wife Ellen Allen and manager Toby Jackson.

How old is Chandler Moore?

27 years (March 21, 1995)Chandler Moore / Age

How old is Yolanda Adams?

60 years (August 27, 1961)Yolanda Adams / Age

What happened to gospel singer Shawn McLemore?

McLemore, 54, passed away on Saturday after a long battle with diabetes. The late singer led the gospel group New Image, which debuted as a Billboard hit with their album Wait on Him. McLemore released other albums, such as One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now.

What happen to Pastor Shawn Jones?

Gospel singer and founding pastor of New Thing Empowerment Church, Shawn Jones, began singing with his band of believers shortly after 8 p.m. at The Event Center in Pensacola, Florida, on Saturday. Shortly after Jones began singing “Worthy Is He,” he fatally collapsed on stage leaving his fans in shock. He was just 32.

Is Bishop Allen a real band?

Bishop Allen is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, United States. The band’s core members are Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, who are supported both on stage and in the studio by a rotating cast of musical collaborators.

Is Chandler Moore still married?

Moore became engaged to Hannah Poole in March 2021. Moore and Poole got married on June 8, 2021, during a wedding ceremony held at The 4 Eleven in Fort Worth, Texas.