What can be found in a geocache?

What can be found in a geocache?

They can be anything, but they are usually small, weatherproof boxes made of metal, wood, or plastic. You might find a camouflaged Altoids tin, a can of mixed nuts, or an ammo box. The cache will be hidden (but not buried) in a safe, non-intrusive place.

What is the most found geocache?

The most logged geocache in the entire world is, Prague bridges 1 – Karluv most in Prague, Czech Republic! The cache has just under 30,000 logs since it was published on January 1, 2008. Located on the northwest side of the famous Charles Bridge, the location is full of historical statues, and absolutely stunning.

Can you keep what you find while geocaching?

YES, you may find “Personal Treasure” in a Geocache This depends on your definition of “treasure.” In many geocaches, you will find a bunch of items called “swag.” “Swag” is what geocachers call little trinkets that get left in caches for trading between other cachers.

What do you hide in geocaching?

It is common for geocachers to hide caches in locations that are important to them, reflecting a special interest or skill of the cache owner. These unique locations on the planet can be quite diverse. A prime camping spot, great viewpoint, unusual location, etc., are all good places to hide a cache.

Is geocaching still a thing 2020?

Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or you’re new to the activity, you’ll be happy to know that, yep, geocaching is still a thing. According to the folks at the official Geocaching headquarters, there are more than 3 million active geocaches located around the world.

What is the most geocaches found in one day?

The answer to that question is easy enough for a group of close friends and geocachers from the West Coast. F0t0m0m, Foomanjoo and Ventura_Kids found 1157 geocaches in Nevada in a span of just 24 hours. This is the highest number of geocaches to be found in a 24-hour period.

Is it illegal to steal a geocache?

Dangerous or illegal items, weapons, food and drugs are not allowed and are specifically against the rules of most geocache listing sites. If a geocache has been vandalized or stolen by a person who is not familiar with geocaching, it is said to have been “muggled”.

Why should you never bury a cache?

You should never alter the environment when you hide a cache, nor should you place the cache in such a spot that seekers will have to affect the environment when they look for it. Never bury a geocache or place it in thick brush that others will have to clear.

Do you need permission to hide a geocache?

“By submitting a cache page, you agree that you have all necessary permissions from the landowner or land manager to hide your geocache at that location. As the cache owner, you are responsible for determining who to contact to get permission.”

What does GZ in geocaching mean?

Ground Zero
Ground Zero (GZ) The point where your GPS device shows that you have reached the geocache location. At ground zero, you are zero feet (or zero meters) away from your destination. Groundspeak.

What is the world’s hardest geocache?

Mario’s Tower –
Geocache Description: Welcome to the long-awaited Mario’s Tower – World’s most difficult geocache. This is a 13-part multi-cache located in Cincinnati’s Winton Woods park.

What does BOP mean in geocaching?

Base of Post
BOP – Base of Post. BOT – Base of Tree. BYOP – Bring your Own Pencil/Pen. C&D – Cache and Dash. CITO – Cache In Trash Out.

What does TFT mean in geocaching?

Thanks For The Cache
More about Travel Bugs and trackables. TFTC. “Thanks For The Cache”. An acronym written by geocachers in logbooks or online when logging cache finds.