What artist are signed to Maybach Music?

What artist are signed to Maybach Music?

Rick RossAnuel AAFat TrelMeek MillGunplayStalley
Maybach Music Group/Artists

Is Wale still signed to Maybach Music Group?

During his time with Atlantic records Wale released three albums, The Gifted, Album About Nothing and his 2017 LP Shine. Wale is still signed to Maybach Music Group which is under the umbrella of Atlantic Records.

Who is signed under Rick Ross?

Maybach Music GroupDef Jam RecordingsBad Boy RecordsAtlantic RecordsEpic RecordsThe 740 Project
Rick Ross/Record labels

Who is the A&R for Maybach Music?

Steve Robinson – A&R
Steve Robinson – A&R director – Maybach Music Group | LinkedIn.

Who is the girl who says Maybach Music?

supermodel Jessica Gomes
Listeners know Rick Ross as the husky voice behind Maybach Music Group’s records, but what about the seductive female voice that namedrops the label before every record? Apparently, that woman is Australian supermodel Jessica Gomes. After tweeting a brief “Maybach Music.

Is Rick Ross sponsored by Maybach?

Rick Ross is not just a rapper, but he’s also the head of a big record label. He’s the founder of Maybach Music Group, a label which has launched the careers of celebrity rappers like Meek Mill and French Montana. Like many things in hip hop, the name of his label has a lot of symbolism and meaning behind it.

What label is Wale under?

Maybach Music GroupDef Jam RecordingsRoc NationInterscope RecordsAtlantic RecordsWarner Records
Wale/Record labels

Who is Meek Mill signed to?

Roc NationMaybach Music GroupAtlantic RecordsDream Chasers RecordsWarner RecordsWarner Music Australia
Meek Mill/Record labels

Who left Roc Nation?

Meek Mill is no longer sharing locations with Roc Nation. Sources told Billboard that the rapper left Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, with the rapper no longer appearing on the label’s website and social-media pages.

How much money does Rick Ross make?

Rick Ross is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, record executive, producer and CEO who has a net worth of $45 million. During his career to date, Rick has sold millions of albums and tens of millions of singles worldwide.

Did Jessica Gomes get paid for Maybach Music?

They decided to put it in their song and nothing came about.” “But now everyone’s using my part where I say ‘Maybach Music. ‘” As well-known as the vocal sample is, Gomes hasn’t received any cash for her services being used on well over 50 tracks.

Is Meek Mill still in Maybach Music?

Meek Mill is currently signed to Atlantic Records and Maybach Music Group while also being under management with Roc Nation.

Who is the CEO of Maybach Music?

Rick Ross (2009–)Maybach Music Group / CEO

Who is the owner of Maybach?

the Mercedes-Benz Group
The name returned as a standalone ultra-luxury car brand in 2002, sharing significant components with Mercedes-Benz cars. After slow sales, Maybach ceased to be a standalone brand by 2013, and it became (in 2015) a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, which is owned by the Mercedes-Benz Group.

What label is Meek Mill signed to?

Who signed Nicki Minaj?

Young Money Entertainm…Cash Money RecordsRepublic RecordsThe 740 ProjectUniversal Motown RecordsLast Kings Records
Nicki Minaj/Record labels
One of its tracks, “I Get Crazy”, reached number 20 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart and number 37 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. After Minaj was discovered by fellow rapper Lil Wayne, she signed a recording contract with his Young Money Entertainment.