What are the applications of CC amplifier?

What are the applications of CC amplifier?


  • It is useful as an impedance matching device since its input impedance is much higher than its output impedance.
  • It is used in digital circuits with logic gates.
  • It is used as a switching circuit.
  • It is also used for cascade amplifier circuit isolation.

What is the use of current series feedback amplifier?

In the current series feedback circuits, both the input and the output resistances are increased because of its topology. In the current shunt feedback topology, the amplifiers input resistance decreases and the output resistance decreases because of its connectivity of the input, output and feedback circuit.

In which applications are instrumentation amplifier commonly used?

Applications of Instrumentation Amplifier Instrumentation amplifiers are used in data acquisition from small o/p transducers like thermocouples, strain gauges, measurements of Wheatstone bridge, etc. These amplifiers are used in navigation, medical, radar, etc.

What are the linear applications of op-amp and give examples?

Analysis and design concepts of some applications of operational amplifier: Sign changer, scale changer, inverting, and non-inverting amplifier. Integrator, differentiator, and its application in analog computer. Current to voltage (C–V or C/V ) and voltage to frequency (V–F or V/F ) circuits.

What is the main purpose of current amplifier?

A Current amplifier is an electronic circuit that increases the magnitude of current of an input signal by a fixed multiple, and feeds it to the succeeding circuit/device. This process is termed as current amplification of an input signal. The input can either be a constant signal or a time varying waveform.

What is application of common collector?

Applications of Common Collector Amplifier In the matching circuitry of impedance these circuits are utilized. It is well known for its capability of switching technique. For the buffering applications these transistors are used. In the isolation of the circuits these transistors are used.

What is current shunt feedback amplifier?

Current-Shunt Feedback In the current shunt feedback circuit, a fraction of the output voltage is applied in series with the input voltage through the feedback circuit. This is also known as series-driven shunt-fed feedback i.e., a series-parallel circuit.

What is the application of feedback?

The use of feedback is widespread in the design of electronic components such as amplifiers, oscillators, and stateful logic circuit elements such as flip-flops and counters. Electronic feedback systems are also very commonly used to control mechanical, thermal and other physical processes.

Which of the following are the examples of instrumentation amplifiers?

An IC instrumentation amplifier typically contains closely matched laser-trimmed resistors, and therefore offers excellent common-mode rejection. Examples include INA128, AD8221, LT1167 and MAX4194.

What is the reason behind using instrumentation amplifier instead of simple differential amplifier in industrial applications?

The reason that a bridge circuit is so crucial with sensors and instrumentation is common mode noise; a circuit with a regular op-amp and a sensor across the inputs would function as an amp, but it would be very noisy. This is the reason why instrumentation amplifiers are so often used to feed the inputs of an ADC.

What are linear applications and non-linear applications of op amp?

The output voltage or current which is directly proportional to either input voltage or current are called LINEAR Op-Amp Circuits. A NON LINEAR OP-Amp is one in which the output signal is not directly proportional to the input signal.

Which of the following applications is linear application of opamp?

Op Amp applications as Inverting Amplifiers The inverting circuits, implemented with an Op-Amp, are more constant, distortion is comparatively lower, provide a better transitory response. When Op-Amp is applied in a closed loop, there is a linear relationship between input and output.

What is feedback amplifier and its types?

The feedback-amplifier can be defined as an amplifier which has feedback lane that exists between o/p to input. In this type of amplifier, feedback is the limitation which calculates the sum of feedback given in the following amplifier. The feedback factor is the ratio of the feedback signal and the input signal.

Which amplifier circuit can be used as a current buffer circuit?

A current buffer with unity gain (B=1) is called a unity gain current buffer or current follower. Here the output current just tracks or follows the input current. A current buffer can be realised using transistor (BJT or MOSFET).

What are Darlington transistors used for?

Darlington transistors are mainly used in switching and amplification applications for delivering a very high DC current gain. Some of the key applications are high and low side switches, sensor amplifiers and audio amplifiers.

What is the advantage of common collector amplifier?

➢ The common-collector (CC) amplifier is usually referred to as an emitter-follower (EF). The input is applied to the base through a coupling capacitor, and the output is at the emitter. The voltage gain of a CC amplifier is approximately 1, and its main advantages are its high input resistance and current gain.

What is shunt shunt feedback amplifier?

Shunt-Series Feedback, also known as shunt current feedback, operates as a current-current controlled feedback system. The feedback signal is proportional to the output current, Io flowing in the load. The feedback signal is fed back in parallel or shunt with the input as shown.

What type of amplifier is used in voltage shunt feedback?

Explanation: A voltage follower is a special case of non-inverting amplifier ( or voltage series feedback amplifier) and it has a gain of unity. Explanation: The given circuit is a current to voltage converter. Since V1 =0v and V1= V2.

Which type of feedback is used in linear applications?

Negative feedback
Negative feedback is the most common form of feedback control used in all manner of systems. Electronic devices are inherently non-linear but can be made more linear with the use of negative feedback.

What is the main purpose of current amplifier Mcq?

Current Amplifier MCQ Question 1 Detailed Solution It is a device that improves the strength of a signal. Strength means the power gain. The circuit which gives the increased signal strength at the output in terms of voltage is called the “Voltage Amplifier”.