What are the antonyms of disillusioned?

What are the antonyms of disillusioned?


  • contented,
  • gratified,
  • pleased,
  • satisfied.
  • What’s a synonym for disillusionment?

    disappointment. nounmental upset; displeasure. adverse fate. adversity. bafflement.

    Is confusion a synonym for disillusionment?

    “Their disillusionment grew with what appeared to be his increasing reliance on intuition rather than pragmatism.”…What is another word for disillusionment?

    torment distress
    suffering pain
    commotion affront
    confusion dislocation
    agony trauma

    What does disillusionment mean?

    : the condition of being disenchanted : the condition of being dissatisfied or defeated in expectation or hope suffered romantic disillusions.

    Is Illusioned a word?

    Under an illusion; deceived.

    What is bitter disillusionment?

    a feeling of being disappointed and unhappy because of discovering the truth about something or someone that you liked or respected: There is increasing disillusionment with the administration. He left the company, expressing his bitter disillusionment.

    How do I stop being disillusioned?

    If you feel disillusioned and frustrated with the process of change, acknowledge and validate these feelings. These feelings of resistance are often a form of self-protection. By admitting how you feel to yourself, you actually give your emotions less power.

    What is ambivalence?

    Ambivalence refers to a psychological conflict between opposing evaluations, often experienced as being torn between alternatives. This dynamic aspect of ambivalence is hard to capture with outcome-focused measures, such as response times or self-report.

    What is an example of disillusionment?

    Disillusionment is when the hard truth of reality makes you lose faith in your dreams and ideals. Like you might have thought your internship at the movie studio would be super glamorous, but you quickly suffered some disillusionment when you realized it involved 14-hour days and lots of coffee runs.

    Is disillusionment a feeling?

    Disillusionment arises when life experiences strongly discredited positive assumptions or deeply help beliefs. Under these conditions, people feel lost, confused, and disconnected from their social environments.

    What is delusional synonym?

    hallucinatory, illusory, phantasmagoric. (or phantasmagorical), surreal.

    What’s the meaning of elusion?

    elusion in American English (iˈluʒən ; ɪˈluʒən ) noun. an eluding; escape or avoidance by quickness or cunning; evasion.

    What is a disillusioned person?

    Definition of disillusioned : having lost faith or trust in something formerly regarded as good or valuable becoming more and more disillusioned with politics Overworked, tired, disillusioned, with a shaky marriage, the district attorney finally gets a case that he really wants to prosecute. —

    Who is a disillusioned person?

    People who are disillusioned have lost their illusions. This is usually meant in a negative way, as disillusioned people tend to be a little bitter. When you’re disillusioned, you’re wiser but not necessarily happier: you’ve learned from experience that life isn’t always how you’d like it to be.

    How do I move past disillusionment?

    Straight Talk on Overcoming Disillusionment

    1. 22 Nov Straight Talk on Overcoming Disillusionment.
    2. Allow yourself to grieve.
    3. Beware the temptation to numb.
    4. Enlist some help.
    5. Choose to forgive.
    6. Get to work on building something new.

    What is it called when you feel two emotions at once?

    Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous conflicting reactions, beliefs, or feelings towards some object. Stated another way, ambivalence is the experience of having an attitude towards someone or something that contains both positively and negatively valenced components.

    What is emotional ambivalence?

    Emotional ambivalence is the simultaneous experience of positive and negative emotions about something. It’s what we think of as being “torn.”

    What is teenage disillusionment?

    focus too much on what is wrong in life.” Disillusioned idealists battle with feelings of loneliness, sadness, emptiness, self-doubt, and often an intense search for meaning. The Loneliness of Being Disillusioned and Different.

    How do people become disillusioned?

    What is the antonym of delusion?

    noun. ( dɪˈluːʒən) The act of deluding; deception by creating illusory ideas. Antonyms. elation mental health mental illness depression understatement truth honesty. dissembling head game illusion deceit dissimulation.