What are CLA plugins?

What are CLA plugins?

CLA in Action The CLA bundle is a ton of fun to play around with! They’re easy and straightforward plug-ins that adds some extra punch and sweetness to your sound. For instance, in this folk pop mix I just put on the CLA Unplugged plug-in on the acoustic guitar bus, slapped on a preset, tweaked some settings and voilá!

Is CLA MixHub worth it?

CLA Mixhub = Pretty Cool and Sounds Great The comps and eq are great and very easy to tweak. It is good enough as a stand alone channel strip to pay the asking price. The Bucket View makes it easy to tweak comp and eq in “groups” which is a similar workflow to a console – at least for me.

What does CLA MixDown do?

CLA Mixdown is usually used to finalize your mix, so it should be inserted on your Master Bus.

Is CLA MixDown good?

The Waves CLA MixDown Master Bus processor is beyond awesome,especially for the price. Matter of fact, this should be a mandatory purchase for any home/project studio. It just does so much so easily. The ability to “drive” the console master bus channel sounds realistic.

Are CLA plugins good?

The CLA Vocals plugin makes this part of mixing an absolute joy. I have taken the very best settings which I use in my everyday mixes and crafted them into this chain. It works great on all styles of singers and, best of all, they will want that sound every time!

What is CLA MixHub?

CLA MixHub is the first plugin to work in buckets – groupings of up to 8 channels, in up to 8 buckets in total. In other words, you can mix up to 64 channels from one CLA MixHub plugin window.

What is CLA in audio?

In early 2010, Waves Audio released the “CLA Artist Signature Collection”, a collection of six application-specific audio plug-ins for vocals, drums, bass, guitar and the last two of them called “unplugged” (designed for acoustic elements) and “effects” (a collection of six different effects).

How do you use CLA MixHub waves?

Getting Started with CLA MixHub

  1. Insert CLA MixHub on tracks in your DAW. Channel View will open first.
  2. Label your buckets. Label buckets 1-8 according to how you’ll want to group your tracks.
  3. Assign tracks. Open the Assign window.
  4. Start mixing in buckets. You’re ready to mix in buckets of 8!

What does CLA-2A do?

Modeled on the legendary electro-optical tube compressor, the CLA-2A emulates the original’s smooth, frequency-dependent behaviors that have made it a favorite of engineers everywhere. Like the mid-’60s classic, the CLA-2A sounds great on guitars and bass, and really shines on vocals.