What are Chamorro values?

What are Chamorro values?

an educational programme that incorporates Chamorro cultural values such as. ‘interdependence, respect for nature, the supremacy of familial obligations, respect for. old age and respect for social position’.1 In the indigenous language, these values are.

What does the Chamorro culture in Guam value?

Chamorros have a dual identity as the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands and a part of the United States. The value of inafa’maolek , literally translates as “to make good” and connotes a spirit of interdependence and cooperation.

What are Guam’s beliefs?

Over 85 percent of Guam’s population is Roman Catholic. The island is home to over two dozen Catholic churches, including one in each of Guam’s 19 villages.

What is the Chamorro cultural tradition?

Traditionally, Chamorro people craft their jewels by hand. To finish a single work of art, they use natural resources and materials like the Guam ifit tree or clamshells. Guam jewelers also know how to work with silver and gold.

What is the difference between Chamorro and Guamanian?

In the U.S. Census, Guamanian is used interchangeably with Chamorro and there is even utilization of Guamanian-Americans to describe Chamorros on various websites.

How does Guam celebrate Christmas?

The Peace Festival also features nativity displays and special scenes decorated by the villages on the Mayors Council of Guam Christmas Train. Inside the Government house, Christmas trees that have been decorated by various Guam women’s organizations are on display. Admission is free.

What is Guam known for?

Guam may be famed for its military bases rather than its tourism sector, yet this far-flung tropical destination is a hidden paradise for vacationers in the know. The Micronesian nation offers beautiful white beaches, exotic wildlife, and intriguing culture and history.

What is Guam’s overall culture today?

The culture of Guam reflects traditional Chamorro customs in a combination of indigenous pre-Hispanic forms, as well as American, Spanish and Mexican traditions. Post-European-contact CHamoru Guamanian culture is a combination of American, Spanish, Filipino, other Micronesian Islander and Mexican traditions.

What race is Guamanian?

Native Guamanians, ethnically called Chamorros, are of basically Malayo-Indonesian descent with a considerable admixture of Spanish, Filipino, Mexican, and other European and Asian ancestries. Chamorros and other Micronesians constitute about half the population.

How do you greet someone in Guam?

The Local Greeting Say Hafa adai (pronounced Ha-fa-day) when in Guam or greeting anyone who has ever lived or visited Guam. You’ll hear the phrase everywhere around the island.

How do you say hello in Guamanian?

Don’t be surprised if business owners and restaurant staff greet you with a hearty “Håfa Adai” (Chamorro for “Hello”). Give your best “Håfa Adai” to anyone you meet on your journey, or take an extra step and try out these simple Chamorro greetings.

What do Guam people wear?

According to Judith S. Flores in “Dress of the Chamorro” (2010), women wore leaf and bark around the waist and, at times, used turtle shells styled into an apron-like clothing piece. Women would also wear a tifi as a top and men were bare-chested, but both genders used floral and coconut scents on their bodies.

What is I love you in Chamorro?

How to say ‘I Love You’ in Chamorro? Hu Guiya Hao!

How do you say I love you in Guamanian?

“Hu guaiya hao”, literally means “I love you” and is the most common way to express your love for someone in Chamorro.

How do you say thank you in Guamanian?

Si Yu’os ma’åse’ This the most common way to say “thank you” in Chamorro.

What is Guam best known for?

What does Biba mean in Chamorro?

biba | Chamorro Dictionary To burst forth with exclamations of approval. etymology. From Spanish viva, meaning “long live” or “hurray”. examples. One of the uses of the word in Spanish is as a term of celebration, as in the word “hurray”, which is how the word is used now in modern Chamorro.

What is Guam food called?

Chamorro Cuisine The Chamorro people are the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands where Guam is located. Chamorro cuisine is influenced by Spanish, Mexican, American, Japanese and Filipino culture and has resulted in some of the most delicious savoury and sweet dishes.

What are the cultural values of Guam?

Most of its students are graduates of Guam’s high schools. Respect for elders and authority figures is a core cultural value. Chamorros demonstrate respect by bending over and sniffing an older person’s right hand. Religious Beliefs. Chamorros believe that their ancestors have lived in the Mariana Islands since the dawn of time.

Where can I see Guam art and culture?

Public and private art galleries include the Isla Center for the Arts at the University of Guam and the Puntan Dos Amantes Gallery. Literature. As a culture rooted in oral traditions, Guam has little written literature. A few Chamorro novels have been published.

What is the economy like in Guam?

Guam’s modern economy revolves around a growing cash sector and wage labor employment, particularly in the government and tourist industries. Guam’s national currency is the U.S. dollar, and U.S. federal government spending and local government expenditures fuel Guam’s domestic spending.

What are the cultural values of the Chamorros?

Respect for elders and authority figures is a core cultural value. Chamorros demonstrate respect by bending over and sniffing an older person’s right hand. Religious Beliefs.