The best way to write an application letter

Finding a job is an incredibly important step in a person’s life as well as becoming a completely socially able individual from the societal perspective. However not every single person can notice that they have it easy, often to arrive to one’s dream job or have a way to it paved with smooth experiences helping to develop the personality and become a better human and professional, that person needs to have the basic knowledge of how to create better conditions for their acceptance.

One of the relatively easy but important aspects of that is an application letter and the ability to structure it and present yourself accordingly.

Getting started

The first thing you need to understand is the power of information. You know what company you will apply to, so you can search for information about this particular company, In the present time such research doesn’t take a lot of time due to the amount of information available online and yet it will help to know what this company may require besides the qualities they state in the offered position description.

Individual approach to how to write an application letter for each company is important as it shows the potential employer that the applying person is not only interested in getting any job, but also in a particular position offered and possibly in the company itself which will be a basis for stronger motivation and consequently higher quality employee.

Starting to write

The following will vary if you write an online application letter via e-mail or send a physical letter, which is much less common nowadays but is still appreciated by some companies.

When you are starting an online letter, address it to the head of the HR department if there is no particular contact person stated in the job ad. You will be able to know their name after completing the research stated in the previous step.

You might want to design your letter in a way that helps it to be noticed just because it’s different from hundreds of others. Create a header that would contain the following information:

  1. Name;
  2. Address;
  3. Phone number ;
  4. Personal website or link to your portfolio;
  5. Linkedin profile or similar sites which apply to your profession (for example for the artist such website would be artstation or behance, which also often serve as portfolios if the artist doesn’t have a personal website to showcase it).

Applying the research

After creating a way to attract the attention of the potential employer, you should show your interest by including the following basic information about their company:

  1. The contact information of the company. By including it you show the time you put into basic research and you have acquired basic knowledge about the enterprise, it will give the other immediate advantage after the employer takes time to read through your application letter;
  2. Name of the hiring manager. Even if the contact person is the minor employee, addressing the application letter to the head of HR or hiring manager is a smart move, especially if that name is not stated in the ad itself. You can search the company website and even social network accounts to find it and show your interest.

The body of the letter

With your introduction and interest in the company and position, as well as some basic knowledge of its organizational structure and personnel, stated you can confidently move to create the body of the application letter.

The best way to start it is with an engaging preface that will show your motivation and desire to be hired for this particular position and company. Treat this part like a news article that requires keeping the employer interested throughout the whole text. Give your specifics of why you are attracted to this particular job, avoid generic sentences stating that it’s your dream and try to include unique motivations.

Creating the body of the letter use the writing style and vocabulary fit for the company, showing that you are not only familiar with their general field but can already start to fit in by applying a similar tone to your application letter. You can often find articles made by the company PR department on the website and following the tone of their writing is a good possibility for a successful fit.

If you found the available position via your acquaintance that is already employed at this company, including their name after you have obtained their permission to do so.


Finish the letter with writing your name and signature. You can sign it manually if you are sending it by mail or use a digital signature for the e-mail.