Should I destroy or rewrite the Geth?

Should I destroy or rewrite the Geth?

If you rewrite the Geth you’ll have more Geth but less Quarians. If you destroy them you have less Geth but more Quarians.

Is there a way to save the Geth and Quarians?

Here you will have the option of either selling Legion’s body to Cerberus or activating it to talk to him. To save both the Geth and Quarians, do not sell Legion off to Cerberus. Like Tali, Legion is an essential figure in formulating peace between the two species. Not having him around ruins the chance for peace.

Should you pick the Geth or the Quarians?

If you pick “[Allow the upload]”, the Geth will come back online and wipe out the Quarians. Your Quarian partner will then commit suicide: even a Loyal, Romanced Tali will take her own life if you pick this, and not even the Paragon Interrupt will be able to save her.

Should you destroy the heretics?

Destroying them will help pave the way for the two races to settle their differences. And peace is the only way you can keep both Tali and Legion on your side. In fact, either companion can die if the conflict between the Geth and Quarians remains.

Will Legion be loyal if you destroy the Geth?

Regardless of what action you take at this point in the mission as far as rewriting or killing the Geth goes, Legion will be happy with the outcome and will become loyal. That loyalty can be reversed in a confrontation with Tali aboard the Normandy after the loyalty mission.

Should I rewrite the heretics or delete them?

The most basic thing that a player should consider when making this choice is if they have been slanting their playthrough toward Paragon or Renegade. Indeed, rewriting the heretics awards a large number of Paragon points, and it is perhaps the best option for fans that are playing a kinder, gentler Commander Shepard.

How do you save both Geth and Tali?

To save the two races, choose either the Paragon or Renegade option, which will tell Legion to upload the code while Shepard convinces the Quarian fleet to stop their assault on Geth ships. Tali and Admiral Koris backs Shepard up, and the firing stops with both the Quarians and Geth finally brokering peace.

How do you keep Tali from dying?

The requirements are:

  1. 80% of the Reputation Bar needs to be filled.
  2. Tali must have survived Mass Effect 2’s Suicide Mission to be present in Mass Effect 3.
  3. Legion needs to have been activated in Mass Effect 2 and survived the Suicide Mission so that they can be present in Mass Effect 3.

Should I save Admiral Koris or the civilians?

Letting Koris die is costly: Admiral Koris’ leadership is lost and, if the quarians survive the entire ordeal, their Civilian Fleet panics without him. Whatever your choice, you will mount a turret inside the shuttle and provide cover fire for whoever you are rescuing.

Should I rewrite the heretics?

Can you rewrite the Geth and still get peace?

If you rewrite the Heretics, you could still achieve the 5-point minimum for Geth-Quarian peace in Priority: Rannoch by scoring all other available points. However, it can be very easy to slip up in unlocking these other achievements.

How many War Assets has the best ending?

To get the best possible ending — as in, you’ll actually get an ending at all — you’ll need to collect 3100 War Assets. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition doesn’t include multiplayer or any of the other external methods for earning War Assets — but it does include all the bonus DLC.

Can you save Tali and Geth?

Titled Tali: Treason, you must complete this as part of your first step to saving the Quarians and the Geth, as stated by The Gamer. Your main goal is to exonerate Tali and her father. The only way you can do this is by having 3 Renegade or Paragon bars, which you build up over the course of playing ME2.

Should I let Tali be exiled?

Let Tali Be Exiled With nothing to defend Tali, the Admiralty Board will find her guilty and give her six hours to leave the fleet forever. On the bright side, she will appreciate that you didn’t snitch on her father, and you’ll keep her loyalty.

Should you rewrite the heretics?

What happens if you save Admiral Koris?

Aftermath. If Admiral Koris dies, the Quarian Civilian Fleet War Asset will be reduced by 75 Military Strength. Also, it may not be possible to make peace between the quarians and geth at the end of Priority: Rannoch. If Admiral Koris survives, he is added as a War Asset worth 25 Military Strength.

What happens if you let the Geth live?

Let the Geth Die After their death, the Quarians will continue to attack the Geth fleet and destroy them. Tali / Shala’Raan will live, and the Quarians will become War Assets for your cause.

Do the Geth survive the destroy ending?

I always would go with the destroy ending to make sure the Reapers were gone and because Shepherd survives or is implied to survive. However it always kills me that EDI and the geth do not survive that ending.

How do you unite the Geth and Quarians?

To do so, Shepard first needs to complete both of their Loyalty Missions then resolve the ensuing confrontation. Players will need a Paragon/Renegade score of 70% to earn both character’s loyalty. The player can regain Tali’s loyalty later, but that will make the peace process harder in Mass Effect 3.