Is Thilakan married?

Is Thilakan married?

Leela Thilakanm.?–2012Shanta Thilakan

Is Thilakan alive?

September 24, 2012Thilakan / Date of death

How did Thilakan died?

Leading southern Indian stage and film actor Thilakan has died at the age of 77. The actor, who is from the state of Kerala, suffered from a heart attack early on Monday, his family said. Thilakan began his career in the theatre before playing his first role on screen in 1979.

Why was Thilakan banned?

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: Veteran Malayalam actor Thilakan was Monday suspended from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) for “indiscipline” after his tirade against the association and other senior actors.

Where is thilakan from?

Ayroor, IndiaThilakan / Place of birth

What is the age of thilakan?

77 years (1935–2012)Thilakan / Age at death

What was thilakan issue with Amma?

The AMMA organization has decided to ban the actor Shammi Thilakan claiming that the actor failed to follow the code of conduct.

What was thilakan issue with AMMA?

Why was thilakan out of AMMA?

KOCHI: Actor Shammi Thilakan has been ousted from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA). The action was taken at the annual general body convened here today. The action pointed disciplinary violation. He was expelled for trying to capture the meeting of AMMA in his mobile.

How old is Balachandra Menon?

68 years (January 11, 1954)Balachandra Menon / Age

Why was Thilakan removed from AMMA?

Why was thilakan out of Amma?

How old is Jagadeesh?

About 67 years (June 1955)Jagadish / Age

Who was against thilakan?

A dispute between Artistes organisation (AMMA) and Thilakan led to some controversies. Thilakan had turned against director and FEFKA general secretary B Unnikrishnan. Unnikrishnan clarified the stand taken on the controversies then to Straight Line, a programme of Kaumudy TV.

How old is Vijaya Raghavan?

70 years (December 20, 1951)Vijayaraghavan / Age

Who is the oldest actor in Kerala?

Born in the year 1953, He is an actor, director, screen writer and producer from South Indian Cinema. His full name is Krishnaswamy Bhagyaraj.