Is there a saint named Irene?

Is there a saint named Irene?

Saint Irene of Rome (died 288 AD) was a Christian woman in the Roman Empire during the reign of Diocletian. She was the wife of Saint Castulus. According to Christian legend, she attended to Saint Sebastian after he was wounded by Mauretanian archers.

What day is St Irene?

On May 5 the Greek Orthodox church commemorates the Feast Day of Saint Irene the Great Martyr. Saint Irene was the daughter of a princelet called Licinius; named Penelope by her parents, through a divine revelation she was brought to faith in Christ and at Baptism was renamed Irene.

What is Saint Irene chrysovalantou known for?

She was most known for being the abbess at the Monastery of Chrysovalantou. In her early life, she was promised to the Emperor Michael in marriage. Instead of allow her life to go in that direction, she decided to serve the Lord instead. She had many spiritual gifts and performed many good works for Christ.

What is Saint Irene the patron of?

Her parents, wishing to protect her, sent her to a convent school and a private tutor. The only times she left her house was to attend Mass or pray at the sanctuary of Saint Peter….

Irene of Tomar
Attributes as a nun, with the palm of martyrdom
Patronage Tomar, Portugal; Santarém; Santa Iria de Azóia, Loures

What did Saint Irene do?

During her time as a Christian, she walked through the city and performed many miracles. She also preached about Christ and led thousands of people to become Christians. She was arrested and beheaded around 330 A.D.

When was Saint Irene of Rome born?

Irene, (born c. 752, Athens—died Aug. 9, 803, Lesbos), Byzantine ruler and saint of the Greek Orthodox Church who was instrumental in restoring the use of icons in the Eastern Roman Empire.

Where did Saint Irene live?

Saint Irene was originally born in Persia in a city called Magedon sometime in the 4th Century A.D, but the exact date of her birth and death is unknown. Her father, Licinius, was a pagan king and she was raised to have that belief system.

When is Saint Irene Chrysovalantou’s feast day?

Saint Irene Chrysovalantou is one of the saints of the Orthodox Christian Church. Her feast day is on July 28th of each year. Check the Name Day page for more information about other Orthodox Christian name days.

What is the meaning of the St Irene icon?

With great trust in God lead the community and property. St Irene is also known for her gifts of foresight and destroyer of demons. The original icon is housed at the Holy Monastery of the Saint Raphael, Saint Nicolaos and Saint Irene in Mytilini. Showing all 2 products.

What did Irene of Chrysovalantou do for the Royal House?

After these events, the royal house, as well as the family of the former prisoner, were attentive to the example and teaching of the monastery of Chrysovalantou; in return for this, the monastery received numerous gifts. Among many others, Irene became known for her ability to predict death.

What kind of miracles did St Irene perform?

One such series of miracles is for mothers who are unable to conceive: after asking for St. Irene’s intercessions, often a child is born, and the parents will name their child Chrysovalanti or Chrysovalantou. In 1930, many people witnessed the Saint digging the foundations for the convent that was then built in her memory.