Is there a Groupon in London?

Is there a Groupon in London?

Groupon London sits in a colorful office space located in the Aldgate Tower in Whitechapel. The multi-level office space with floor-to-ceiling views of London houses Grouponers from Local Sales, Getaways, Goods, Finance, and more.

Is Groupon in the UK?

Groupon UK is located in London, England, United Kingdom .

Where is Groupon UK based?

The Groupon Head Office is in London and located just near the London Bridge.

Does Groupon still exist?

While you can still buy vouchers for discounted services or savings at local stores, Groupon now offers a wide selection of physical goods. You can find the following and more on the site: Hotels and travel.

How do I contact Groupon UK?

The online contact form at: The following telephone number 020 3808 4223.

How does Groupon work UK?

Groupon earns its money through a commission it generates on every coupon it sells. Retailers and businesses that offer their goods and services on the site are promised a minimum number of deals that are sold. When that threshold is reached, each deal coupon that is sold earns Groupon a 50% commission.

Where is the Groupon?


Corporate headquarters at the Montgomery Ward Company Complex in Chicago, Illinois
Type of business Public
Traded as Nasdaq: GRPN Russell 2000 Index component
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Area served Global

How do I contact Groupon for a refund?

Let them know that any customer who requests a refund should be referred to Groupon customer support page at Our customer support reps will then apply the Groupon refund policy and work with the customer to resolve the situation.

Can you get scammed on Groupon?

Unauthorised purchases Groupon customers are reporting that thousands of pounds have left their bank accounts after fraudsters placed orders in their name. The scam works by fraudsters finding the login details of Groupon customers from elsewhere and using this to hack into individual user’s accounts.

How do I get in touch with Groupon customer service?

Contacting Groupon Customer Support

  1. Live Chat Groupon: Chat online when agents are available.
  2. Email Groupon: Tell us about your issue, and we’ll reply as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours).

What is the catch with Groupon?

The only catch is the time-limited nature of the Groupon discounts. With some deals, once a deal is announced and posted on the site, it’s relevant for 24 to 72 hours, after which the discount is no longer available.

Is Groupon really worth it?

Deals are not profitable. Another problem is the split. Groupon keeps 50 percent of the revenues from each coupon deal. If you do the math, merchants need to gross margins well in excess of 50 percent for Groupon to work for them. The promotion is very steep, usually 50 percent or more.

How do I contact Groupon by phone UK?

10.4 If you have an issue with your Voucher you can contact our customer service team via one of the following methods: The online contact form at: The following telephone number 020 3808 4223.

How do I get my money back from Groupon?

To be eligible for the Groupon Promise, the customer must contact us within 14 days of the Groupon redemption. In addition, the Groupon refund policy states that: For Local Deals, customers can return any unredeemed Groupon for a refund of the amount paid within the first three days after purchase.

Is Groupon a reliable website?

Groupon is definitely a legit company. It was founded in 2008, and since then, has grown to serve almost 50 million active users. Very few people have issues using these online coupons due to the fact that as soon as a fraudulent offer is revealed by one user, it would be removed instantly.

How do I communicate with Groupon?

At any time, the following contact options may be available:

  1. Live Chat Groupon: Chat online when agents are available.
  2. Email Groupon: Tell us about your issue, and we’ll reply as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours).

Is it safe to buy on Groupon?

Is Groupon Legit? If by legit you mean you won’t get cheated out of your money or time as a buyer or seller, then, yes, Groupon is a legit company. They’ve been around since 2008 and have branched out to provide their services to over 15 countries worldwide.

How does Groupon UK work?

Is it safe to buy from Groupon UK?

Overview. Groupon UK has a consumer rating of 1.28 stars from 162 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Groupon UK most frequently mention customer service, full refund and bank account problems. Groupon UK ranks 129th among Daily Deals sites …

Why are things so cheap on Groupon?

The deals offered daily through Groupon start at 50 percent off and can go as high as 90 percent cheaper than the normal price. Groupon can offer such steep discounts because it guarantees business owners a minimum return on their investment and the possibility of becoming an overnight sensation.