Is there a database of all movies?

Is there a database of all movies?

The Complete Index To World Film is the world’s largest film database, and even has a Guinness Record to confirm it! It exclusively categorizes all films released around the world since 1895 and has matching print versions.

What is the best software to organize movies on an external hard drive?

1. Personal Video Database. Personal Video Database is one of the best movie organizer software on this list. The best part is that it directly integrates with IMDb.

What is the best free movie catalog software?

Here are the free Movie Catalog software using which you can catalog your movie collection on Windows 11/10:

  • Filmotech.
  • Ant Movie Catalog.
  • Personal Video Database.
  • GrieeX.
  • MeD’s Movie Manager.
  • EMDB.
  • Letterboxd.
  • Data Crow.

Is there an app to keep track of your movie collection?

MovieBuddy is a powerful movie and TV show management app that gives you access to your entire video catalog, anywhere. Using MovieBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any video in your library, share your favorite videos, and keep track of borrowed and lent videos.

Is the movie database free?

TMDb is committed to free and open access to our APIs for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, providing the APIs does have real costs for TMDB.

Where can I get all movies?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Hotstar.
  • Voot.
  • Jio Cinema.

How do you catalog a movie?

5 Ways to Catalog Your Movies Online

  1. Easily share your collection, ratings, reviews with friends.
  2. Look up your collection via your cell phone while shopping.
  3. Compare online prices to get better deals.
  4. List your collection in social networking sites like Facebook.

Is there a DVD catalog app?

Home Library The app lets you store books, CDs, DVDs and all the details that go with them, all after just scanning their barcodes.

How do I keep track of movies I own?

6 Best Apps and Online Tools to Track Movies

  1. Letterboxd (Website) Letterboxed is an online tool that helps you keep a tab on all the movies you have watched to date.
  2. (Website)
  3. CineTrak (Android & iOS)
  4. SeriesGuide (Android)
  5. Moviebase (Android)
  6. Action!

Is there a free movie API?

Are there free movie-centered APIs? Most of the current film and television APIs have a freemium developer package. The API host bases the cost on the number of requests an application can make in a day. If there are few requests, there is no charge.

Is the movie database API safe?

Trusted platform. Every single day our service is used by millions of people while we process over 3 billion requests. We’ve proven for years that this is a service that can be trusted and relied on. The TMDB product, service, attitude and support are truly top notch.

How do I organize my film collection?

How to Organize Your Movie Collection

  1. Organize by Genre or Title. When it comes to getting those movies organized, two of the best and easiest methods are to put them in order by genre or by title.
  2. Sort Boxed Collections First.
  3. Separate Genres.
  4. Use Shelves or Storage Boxes.
  5. Alphabetize Genres and Titles.

How can I get a list of all my movies?

A movie list maker can be a scrap of paper or a spreadsheet. Or it can just be the watchlist in your favorite streaming service….That’s why one of these recommended movie list makers should make it to your devices.

  1. IMDb Your Watchlist.
  2. JustWatch.
  3. Letterboxd.
  5. Reelgood.
  6. Flickchart.
  7. iCheckMovies.

Is there a Goodreads for movies?

Letterboxd is probably the closest to Goodreads, only for movies: Instead of book lists (or reading lists), you get movie lists. Instead of book recommendations, you can ask the community for movie recommendations.

Does IMDb have free API?

The IMDb API is a free service that enables developers to query the database of information on over 250,000 movies and TV shows. API provides access to over 3 million data items, including cast & crew info, plot summaries, release dates, and ratings.