Is Sophie the Giraffe good for teething?

Is Sophie the Giraffe good for teething?

Taste: Sophie the Giraffe is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew (ears, horns, legs). She is perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums when teething and is completely safe. Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint.

Is Sophie the Giraffe worth it?

Overall, Sophie the Giraffe is a well-made teether. It is lightweight and easy for young babies to grasp on to. The legs are really appealing for babies to chew on, and I think many babies do love this teether.

How do you tell if my Sophie the Giraffe is real?

Some key things to point out:

  1. On the real and fake one, the serial number and (c) SLG were on example the same spot.
  2. The font and colors were “off” on the fake one’s packaging.
  3. There was spelling mistakes.
  4. The font and coloring on the packaging is different.

Does Sophie get moldy?

Sophie the Giraffe is becoming an endangered species. An article published this week by Good Housekeeping shared reports (and gnarly pictures) from parents of discoveries of mold inside the popular teething toy. Goodbye Sophie, too scared to cut into our one for fear of what’s inside!

Why is Sophie La Giraffe so popular?

Sophie la girafe has long legs, which babies love to put into their mouths, so they can chew the entire length of their gum bed. Most other teethers can only help with the front teeth, and not when baby is growing the rear teeth. Therefore, Sophie la girafe helps with early and late stage teething. 4.

Is Sophie the Giraffe safe for newborns?

This is absolutely horrifying. When parents discovered mold in their “Tommee Tippee Sippee” cups in 2016, people everywhere were horrified. Well, we have more bad news: Sophie the Giraffe isn’t safe either. Recent reports from parents reveal people have found mold growing inside of the popular toddler teething toy.

How do you prevent mold from Sophie the Giraffe?

Keeping the Toy — and Its Image — Clean As indicated on the packaging and in an explanatory leaflet inside the packaging, we recommend to clean the surface of ‘Sophie la girafe’ with a damp cloth. It should not be immersed in the water nor rinsed off, to prevent water from getting inside, as she may become damaged.”

Is Sophie Giraffe non toxic?

If you have a baby, you probably already have Sophie the Giraffe, the ubiquitous and overpriced French squeaky toy that doubles as a non-toxic teether.