Is Sir Simon Stevens married?

Is Sir Simon Stevens married?

Is Simon Stevens married? Yes, he is married and has two children – a boy and a girl. His wife, Maggie, is a public health specialist from New York City.

Who is sir Simon Stevens?

Simon Laurence Stevens, Baron Stevens of Birmingham, Kt (born 4 August 1966) is a British public policy adviser, former CEO, and independent member of the UK House of Lords. He served as the eighth Chief Executive of the National Health Service in England from 2014 to 2021.

How much does an NHS chief executive earn?

The head of the NHS is being paid almost a third more than her predecessor, The Telegraph can disclose. Amanda Pritchard was appointed to the top job in August 2021, replacing Lord Stevens, who had held the post for seven years. Government figures show that she is being paid a salary of between £255,000 and £260,000.

Why is Simon Stevens leaving the NHS?

NHS sources say that his successor is likely to be someone who is less outspoken and less willing to challenge the government, especially over the health service’s budget, which led to rows with No 10 and the Treasury in recent years.

How much is Simon Stevens paid?

By comparison, Simon Stevens was paid between £195,000 and £200,000 for the same job. NHS England last night said Mrs Pritchard had not received a pay rise since 2016, when she was head of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust in London.

How much does Simon Stevens earn?

The £211,000-a-year salary Stevens was offered is well short of his UnitedHealth salary. He took a voluntary 10% cut, leaving his gross pay at £189,900, to reflect the serious financial pressures on the service.

What will Simon Stevens do next?

Today formally confirmed his departure from his currently role. Sir Stevens was knighted in 2020 for services to health and the NHS, and will now join the House of Lords as a peer.

Who is the highest paid person in NHS?

Matt Hancock earned £149,400 in 2020/21 as health secretary. Excluding those whose pay included redundancy payments, one of the two highest paid executives was Michael van der Watt, chief medical officer at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

What is the highest paid job in the NHS?

Here are some of the highest paying medical roles:

  1. Medical director. National average salary: £103,637 per year.
  2. Neurosurgeon. National average salary: £94,434 per year.
  3. Anaesthetist. National average salary: £93,923 per year.
  4. Plastic surgeon.
  5. Psychiatrist.
  6. Cardiologist.
  7. Director of nursing.
  8. Clinical director.

Who is the leader of the NHS?

Amanda Pritchard
NHS Chief Executive. Amanda Pritchard is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NHS England, which leads the NHS’ work nationally to improve health and ensure high quality care for all. She is also accountable to Parliament for the NHS’ £130 billion of annual funding.

Who gets paid the most in the NHS?

Who is Chris Hopson?

Chris Hopson joined NHS Providers (then the Foundation Trust Network) in September 2012 as chief executive following a career spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors.

How much does a NHS surgeon earn?

The typical NHS Consultant Surgeon salary is £110,000 per year. Consultant Surgeon salaries at NHS can range from £97,776 – £136,449 per year.

Who Is Highest paid doctor?

RELATED: The list of the top 10 highest physician salaries by specialty for 2019

  • Neurosurgery — $746,544.
  • Thoracic surgery — $668,350.
  • Orthopedic surgery — $605,330.
  • Plastic surgery — $539,208.
  • Oral and maxillofacial — $538,590.
  • Vascular surgery — $534,508.
  • Cardiology — $527,231.
  • Radiation oncology — $516,016.

Who is the highest person in a hospital?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-level management position in a hospital or hospital system. Hospital CEO’s must possess the qualifications and skills to manage and direct the complexities of a modern patient care facility.

Who is the most senior person in the NHS?


  • Amanda Pritchard has today been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of NHS England.
  • Amanda Pritchard, incoming Chief Executive of NHS England, said: “I am honoured to lead the NHS, particularly as the first woman chief executive of an organisation whose staff are more than three quarters female.

What does Chris Hopson do?

Who is the chief executive of NHS Providers?

Chris Hopson –
Chris Hopson – NHS Providers. Chris joined NHS Providers as chief executive in September 2012 after a career in politics, commercial television and the civil service.

Who is the highest paid surgeon?