Is simple Wikipedia owned by Wikipedia?

Is simple Wikipedia owned by Wikipedia?

The Simple English Wikipedia is an English-language edition of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia written primarily in Basic English and Learning English….Simple English Wikipedia.

Logo of the Simple English Wikipedia
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Commercial No

Who uses simple Wikipedia?

The Simple English Wikipedia is for everyone! That includes children and adults who are learning English. There are 213,799 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia. All of the pages are free to use.

What is the difference between Wikipedia and simple Wikipedia?

The Simple English Wikipedia is an English-language version of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, written at a basic level of English. It was made on September 18, 2001. All of the articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use shorter sentences and easier words and grammar than the regular English Wikipedia.

How do I change Wikipedia to simple?

To visit the simple Wikipedia website, all you need to do is add ‘simple’ to the beginning of your Wikipedia url, like so: Add ‘simple’ to the front of any Wikipedia article URL and you’ll be taken to a version of that same article, but in simple Wikipedia format.

Is simple Wikipedia legit?

Even Wikipedia states that it is not a reliable source. If you are a student, check with your teacher’s views regarding the use of a Wikipedia as a research tool.

Is there a kids version of Wikipedia?

Wiki for Kids is a filtered Wikipedia resource that provides articles in Simple English. It is similar to Wikipedia’s Simple Edition with the added benefit that our site filters out content that is not appropriate for children and teens.

Is simple Wikipedia reliable?

As mentioned, Simple Wikipedia should not be your sole resource on any topic. Don’t forget to visit your school library to confirm facts and details. These findings from published books should be your sources when writing an article or paper. Even Wikipedia states that it is not a reliable source.

Is there a childrens version of Wikipedia?

Why is there a simple English Wikipedia?

The Simple English Wikipedia was started as a response to needs of English learners (EAL students) and English teachers. The project began to see major contributions after 150,000+ articles in the original English Wikipedia and articles in each of seven other languages had been created.

Why is wiki not a reliable source?

Wikipedia is not a reliable source for citations elsewhere on Wikipedia. As a user-generated source, it can be edited by anyone at any time, and any information it contains at a particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or simply incorrect.

How often is Wikipedia wrong?

The paper found that Wikipedia’s entries had an overall accuracy rate of 80 percent, whereas the other encyclopedias had an accuracy rate of 95 to 96 percent. A 2010 study assessed the extent to which Wikipedia pages about the history of countries conformed to the site’s policy of verifiability.

Is there an online encyclopedia for kids?

Illustrated book publisher DK has launched the beta version of DKfindout!, a free online encyclopedia where children ages 7-11, parents, and teachers can look up information in subject areas ranging from science and math to geography.

Is Wikipedia only available in English?

There are currently 327 language editions of Wikipedia (also called language versions, or simply Wikipedias). As of July 2022, the six largest, in order of article count, are the English, Cebuano, German, Swedish, French, and Dutch Wikipedias.

Is there an alternative to Wikipedia?

Encyclopedia Britannica Online Wikipedia has grown to overshadow the encyclopedia in the Age of the Internet, but Britannica is still one of the most highly respected reference materials available. Yes, Britannica is a reliable source, and is certainly more reliable than Wikipedia.

Why is Wikipedia shutting down?

The English version of the Wikipedia website will be shut down for 24 hours in protest at new laws being proposed in America to stop online piracy. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are considering bills that would allow the US authorities to seek to block sites that allow illegal file sharing.

What is the best free online encyclopedia?

The 5 Best Free Online Encyclopedias for Students and Kids

  • Simple English Wikipedia.
  • Fact Monster.
  • Academic Kids.
  • DKfindout!
  • The Library of Congress.

What’s the best dictionary for kids?

The Best Children’s Dictionaries For Young Readers

  • Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary.
  • Scholastic Children’s Dictionary.
  • Priddy’s First 100 Word Series.
  • My First Dictionary: 1,000 Words, Pictures, AND DEFINITIONS.
  • Scholastic Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms.