Is Schecter guitars any good?

Is Schecter guitars any good?

Although the guitars might seem a little pricey for beginners, you’re paying for the quality and other notable features including the design, tone, and playability. These factors make Schecter one of the best brands for serious and professional players.

Is Schecter owned by Gibson?

Schecter Guitar Research, commonly known simply as Schecter, is an American manufacturing company founded in 1976 by David Schecter, which originally produced only replacement parts for existing guitars from manufacturers such as Fender and Gibson….Schecter Guitar Research.

Type Private
Area served Worldwide

Where are Schecter Diamond Series guitars made?

A: Schecter Diamond Series guitars and basses are manufactured in South Korea(unless otherwise specified on the guitar), and 100% set up in the USA, in Schecter’s Burbank, CA facility. Schecter Custom Shop guitars and basses are 100% handmade in Burbank.

Are Schecter Guitars made in China?

Q: Where are Schecter guitars and basses made? A: Our Diamond Series guitars and basses are manufactured in South Korea (unless otherwise specified on the guitar), and every one of them is 100% set up in the USA, in our Burbank, CA facility. Our Custom Shop guitars and basses are 100% handmade here in Burbank.

Are Schecter guitars heavy?

The recent import Schecter basses I tried were nice and solid but not back-breakingly heavy. I think it’s the combination of woods, most of their offerings are not just the typical Fender alder/ash( or basswood). Better heavy than featherlight, I say. They will resonate better and sustain more.

Are Schecter Guitars durable?

Our Star Rating. We think this unique Schecter guitar is the most durable on the list. We give it 4.5 out of five stars.

What does Diamond Series mean?

If I said Schecter Diamond Series, Blackjack ATX, or Hellraiser Hybrid, would you know what any of those mean? The Schecter Diamond Series refers to their non-US Custom shop guitars with nice appointments, and is divided into the groups we’re discussing below (like the Hellraiser Hybrid!).

Are Schecter Guitars heavy?

Which is better Schecter or ESP?

The Quick Answer. ESP produce a wider range of guitars to suit complete beginners and professional players whereas, Schecter mainly focus on mid-range guitars. ESP produce higher quality guitars at the top-end of their range compared to Schecter. ESP guitars usually have thinner and flatter necks compare to Schecter.

Is Schecter only metal?

Schecter guitars are certainly designed to sound good with some dirt on them, and that makes them great for hard rock and metal, but that certainly doesn’t make them bad for other playing styles. And if you’re a beginner just learning to play, genre is not going to make a difference for you until you learn the basics!

Who played Schecter?

Jenny Schecter
Portrayed by Mia Kirshner
Duration 2004–09
First appearance 18 January 2004
Last appearance 8 March 2009

What genre is Schecter good for?

When did Schecter Diamond come out?

At the 1998 summer NAMM show, Schecter introduced the Diamond Series, which included six affordably priced non-custom guitars. In 1999, Schecter added the seven string “A-7 Avenger” guitar to the ‘Diamond Series’.

Is Schecter a metal guitar?

They’re incredible metal and hard rock instruments—Schecter has never shied away from its metal roots. Unlike some other metal guitar brands, Schecter puts this genre of music at the forefront of its designs.

Are Schecter Guitars good for rock?